Polka Dot Dot Dot

I have had a love affair with Olympia Washington since I purchased my first 7 inches on K Records. I am always willing to give a listen to the sounds of that come from damp woods and the gray skies of Olympia.

Polka Dot Dot Dot are on Bicycle Records out of Olympia but actually first came together on a chance meeting in New Zealand at the Camp A Low Hum Music Festival. The three were able to combine their musical talents for a last minute set. Since then the trio comprised of Jordan O'Jordan, Onyx of Olympia, and Colleen Johnson or Twig Palace have released a full length called "Love Letter to New Zealand" with their second due out next week called "Syzygy" (a term that refers to planetary alignment).

Listen and download 'Invisibrother' from 'Syzygy.'

Catch the band on their Fall tour in a city near you:
Nov. 12 (TH): Olympia, WA @ The Northern w/CHURCH, and LETTERS

Nov. 13 (FR): Seattle, WA @ Healthy Times Fun Club w/FANCIE

Nov. 14 (SA): Tacoma, WA@ Bob's Java Jive w/CHURCH, $2000 PUMA, and the SUGAR BEATS

Nov. 15 (SU): Portland, OR @ Rontom's w/CHURCH

Nov. 16 (MO): Corvallis, OR @ The Beanery w/BRIAN SMITH

Nov. 17 (TU): Arcata, CA @ The Green House w/THE CULLENS

Nov. 18 (WE): Sacramento, CA@ the HUB

Nov. 19 (TH): Davis, CA @ Elisa's House w/RICKY BERGER and HOT DAMN

Nov. 20 (FR): Bay Area @ TBA

Nov. 21 (SA): Santa Cruz, CA @ the Crystal Palace w/MAPLE RABBIT

Nov. 22 (SU): Isla Vista, CA @ the Biko CO-OP Garage w/BROTHER MITYA and WHITMORE

Nov. 23 (MO): LA, CA @ Historical Marker 157

Nov. 24 (TU): Phoenix, AZ @ The Trunk Space w/ANDREW JACKSON JIHADd

Nov. 25 (WE): Tucson, AZ @ The Dry River Collective w/GREAT JOB!

Nov. 28 (SA): Albuquerque, NM @ Winnings Coffee Co.

Nov. 29 (SU): Santa Fe, NM @ Meow Wolf Collective

Nov. 30 (MO): Lubbock, TX @ Bash's

Dec. 3 (TH): Austin, TX @ Annie Street
Arts Collective w/SOME SAY LELAND

Dec. 4 (FR): Denton, TX @ ArtSix Coffee

Dec. 5 (SA): Norman, OK @ Universe City

Dec. 6 (SU): Oklahoma City, OK @ Scissortail Social Space

Dec. 7 (MO): Lawrence, KS @ TBA

Dec. 10 (TH): Denver, CO @ Hi-Dive w/IAN COOKE and LITTLES PAIA

Dec. 11 (FR): Provo, UT @ Muse Music w/DREW DANBURRY, THE AWFUL TRUTH, and OKAY OKAY

Dec. 12 (SA): Boise, ID @ Pengilly's

Dec. 13 (SU): Portland, OR @ TBA

Dec. 14 (MO): Langley, WA @ TBA

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