Tom Waits 'Glitter And Doom Live'

Tom Waits is one of my top 5. He always will be. He was from the first moment I was inspired to purchase 'Big Time' at the age of 16. 'Big Time' is his first legitimate live album, although fans have been bootlegging his shows since his first performances. I still have yet to see him live-however the two-faced boys and diamond eyed girls of the world give me faith I will someday.

November 24th will mark the release of Tom's newest live album 'Glitter And Doom Live' which will feature 16 tracks varying in location throughout the tour-from Edinburgh to Atlanta. The second disc of the album will be called 'Tom Tales,' a full disc of Tom's signature stage patter!

Right now, Tom and Anti records are offering the first 8 tracks from the album for free download. Just subscribe to his list on the widget below:

In other Tom Waits related news. Tom is one of many genius actors cast in the newest Terry Gilliam film “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”. I saw the preview for this for the first time yesterday. Prepare for a mind melting experience...

Tom Waits
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
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