Relation 'Here Comes Your Man (Pixies Cover)'

The Pixes are one of my all time favorite bands. If you read this blog then you also know I love cover songs. Relation from the Urban Torque label give the classic 'Here Comes Your Man' a dream-lectro twist that is both a nice version of the original and nearly a new song altogether in the context of its style.

Relation 'Here Comes Your Man (Pixies Cover)' (SoundCloud Link Listen//Donwload)

Their debut album 'Fear of Night' is out now on Urban Torque. You can stream the entire album via the label site here.

1. Optimistic
2. Fear Of Night
3. Lowest Common Denominator
4. Your Tiny Mind
5. Way Outside
6. Superenlightened
7. Lefty
8. Broken
9. Moscow Olympic
10. Easy Target
11. Hypersenstive
12. In Minuscule
13. Here Comes Your Man

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