Larytta & Bauchamp 'Friends of Friends Vol. 2'

The Friends of Friends label is one of the more curious ventures I've come into contact with for quite sometime now. FoF Music based the label on the concept that friends are the best way to get turned on to new music. The second EP in this series features Larytta and Bauchamp. One artist is brought in to create one half of an EP, then as the curator they invite another musician to complete the B-side of the EP as well as find an artist to provide artwork.

The first volume was curated by Daedelus who invited Jogger to cover the B-side. Instead of album artwork he asked his artist to create a t-shirt that the label added a download card to. An interesting approach to a label model indeed.

The second volume has been curated by Swiss duo Larytta who create music that sits well next to Paul Simon, Kompkat 12"s and Hot Chip all at the same time. They invited fellow Swiss producer Bauchamp to handle the B-side. Bauchamp creates a very Playhouse meets Spectral style tech-house. I particularly love 'Calypso' which features tons of steal drums-one of my absolute favorite instruments out there.

FoF Volume 2 will be on released once again on a 100% organic cotton tee(Alternative Apparel), designed by Tatiana Rihs and including the incredible seed-paper(you can plant them!) download card with a code to retrieve the album and exclusive remixes from Lazer Sword, The Chap, Hecuba, Round Table Knights, Otic Angst and more......

Larytta 'Play Me Loud (Futuro)' (YSI)

FoF Music

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