Windmill "Big Boom" from friendly fire recordings on Vimeo.

UK-based 'Chamber Pop' in the vein of Polyphonic Spree meets Belle And Sebastian meets I'm From Barcelona.
Really fun and silly video. His new album was apparently inspired by a childhood trip to EPCOT.

Windmill 'Big Boom' (Direct Link)

Here's what he had to say about the trip:
"I remember that trip being perfect," says Dillon, 28. "My dad and my grandparents were there, my brothers and I were far away from the worries of adulthood. I have imagery in my mind from the EPCOT Center itself: colors, sounds, smells. The theatricality of it all was mesmerizing. Thinking back to it, I began to research the EPCOT Center itself. Some of Walt Disney's ideas were so wild and imaginative. It felt like a testament to the grand ideas of the '60s and '70s. It was planned as an entire city, but with every element designed from the ground up. I find it compelling that even when armed with the knowledge of our mortality, people's ideas are limitless."

WINDMILL "Epcot Starfields" is available now from Friendly Fire.


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