Attack Of The Blog! Out Today!

I've been doing A&R for the Coco Machete sub-label Buzzard Gulch for a while now. Today marks the release of the second compilation in our 'Blog' series. Basically I've found nearly all of these artists via Blogs. This compilation is stacked with some of the best I found out there. Many of the artists will be familiar to you and some are total newbies burning it up in their home studios.

Here's the official press release I wrote for the comp along with the MegaInvasionMix I recorded to give you all a taste before you buy.

"The trail of mayhem continues as Buzzard Gulch releases the second compilation in its Blog series. The first compilation ‘It Came From The Blog’ found destructive success on the Beatport Indie Dance chart this Spring, at one point holding 7 of the top 10 tracks and ‘Tight Jeans’ was named one of the top 50 Anthems of Summer by the Beatport staff.

The follow up comp, ‘Attack Of The Blog’ is even more pounding and punishing than its predecessor. Low Life Inc. was brought in once again to compile the very best heavy electro, fidget, dubstep and beyond they could dig up.

Douster & Arcade get you wasted. Audiostalkers show you what sex is all about. Stereoheroes reveal the truth about Clark Kent. And Jayou rinses it out with his dubstep twists. Not to mention the pop electro of Bo$$ In Drama, Spencer Product’s NY hipster anthem or Sensual Harassment’s robot musique.

‘Attack Of The Blog’ has burst through the atmosphere and is geared up for a full on assault on your senses. We are Buzzard Gulch. We don’t come in peace!"

1. JAYOU – Rinse Out!
2. Douster & Arcade – Wasted
3. Audiostalkers – Sex
4. Figure – House on the Hill
5. Stereoheroes – Clark Kent
6. Chubby Fingers – Big John
7. The Girls Can Hear Us – On The Low
8. Boss in drama – Favorite Song
9. Spencer Product – We Bite (Tronik Youth Remix)
10. Sensual Harassment – Carnal Spirits
11. Zero Cash – Pushit (Backdoor Version)
12. Frederik Olufsen – OMG
13. SCNDL – Drama (Fukkk Offf Rmx)
14. Owl Vision – Riot in Burma
15. Koko Dozo – Gangsta
16. Get Famous! – Slip Away

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