Dixon 'Temporary Secretary'

Download Ame 'Setsa' here for Free from Innervisions.

Here's the press release I got on this:

Dixon – along with partner Âme - is the man behind the critically acclaimed Berlin-based label Innervisions. His last foray into the world of mix CDs came via 2007’s Body Language Vol. 4 on Get Physical. But a lot’s changed since then and the simple fact is that there has never been easier to access music than the present – especially if you are not willing to ever pay for it. Combine this with the ability to find just about every released and unreleased 12-inch, podcast and mixtape of almost any aspiring, successful or legendary DJ/Producer. On top of that, instead of slowing down, the majority of labels and producers keep on turning the wheel fast and faster. The urban myth and techno folklore of the record that is outdated after two weeks, turned into harsh reality. So why bother at all? Speaking for the other side, why spend hard-earned money on a product that is accessible free of charge on every Internet-DJ-page and just an easy mouse click away via the usual p2p sources? These thoughts and a reaction are the basis for Dixon’s brand new CD and the first in a series – Temporary Secretary.

Temporary Secretary is a conscious snapshot. Neither obliged to be a strict club set that has to work for any given dance floor or act as an addendum to Body Language Vol. 4 nor designed to follow a certain concept like Grandfather Paradox (with Henrik Schwarz and Âme) did within the annals of minimal music, Temporary Secretary is the third gender. The fact is, none of the versions offered here have been available anywhere else. Dixon slices and cuts the elements and fragments of the songs and tracks, pasting them together somewhere else and in a way that would not be possible in a club with turntables or CDJs alone and certainly not on the fly. He distils the essence of the very nature of what a DJ argues to do with music: to leave a distinct mark on it.

What has been once elevated to an art form by ancestors like Shep Pettibone or the Latin Rascals with the means of tape, razor blades and reel to reels for their New York radio shows, is brought up to the next level by Dixon. Equipped with a matrix that is usually only handed out to specific remixers, enables the chairman of the Innervisions-board to use this ad libitum. Just like a self-fulfillment tour for disillusioned disc jockeys. Dixon treats, blends, mixes and changes the tempo of the material in a way and shape that makes it even hard for the self-proclaimed connoisseur to find the start or the end point of some of his moves.

What has its spring in the calm and Balearic “Ongou” develops throughout its course with Tokyo Black Star, Âme, The Machine, Henrik Schwarz and the Junior Boys into an extraordinary hypnotic and hyper-individual maelstrom. Unsurprisingly, some of these mash-ups only have one ID-tag. Precious System melts into something new with Ben Klock, Jazzanova and Daniel Paul are fused with several unreleased Henrik Schwarz remix parts to create something entirely new. If you know the tunes, new perspectives will amaze you and if you don’t, you will have a hard time picture any other versions. This is the very mood and attitude that brings a DJ set close to perfection: the feeling that this music cannot be consumed in any other way. And this feeling has never been available on every street corner.

Temporary Secretary is release October 26 on Innervisions.

Peanut Butter Wolf's 45 Live

So I didn't even hesitate on this one. It has already been purchased as I write. I love reissue collections but DAMN! Shit is hot.

Here's what PBW had to say about the collection and the tracks within:

"This record is such a great honor for me to be involved with. I’m sure it will hardly sell any units cuz the music industry SUCKS and most people only wanna hear bullshit (just look at which music videos get the most views on youtube or the top 10 sellers on itunes), but regardless, it’s a big deal. I mean, as a kid growing up in San Jose, CA when all this stuff came out, I was hooked and half a lifetime later I still am. I can only imagine what this stuff sounds like to the teenagers today hearing it for the first time right now, just as they probably wonder what it was like for adults like me to have heard it for the first time back when it was released.

1. Rockin' It - Fearless Four
The foundation. I read an interview with Large Professor where he was putting this in his top 10 of all time. Such a good feeling. Fearless Four are one of the most under-rated. And when they came out with “Problems Of The World/F-4000” later, that was huge too. That was a staple on my mix tapes when it came out and I used to imitate the scratch. And the video for “Problems”? black and red all the way.

2. Love Rap - Spoonie G
Back when Sugarhill Records was redoing disco songs with full bands as the backing tracks (which I love as well), Spoonie was rocking a straight up drum track. That was pretty bold at the time. Was definitely before Run DMC did it with Sucker MCs. His lyrics and voice were on point.

3. Tricky Tee Rap - Tricky Tee
This one’s also sparse production. I’m always a believer of less is more with music. It kinda trips me out how much his voice sounds like Common does now (although I’m guessing Common probably has never even heard Tricky Tee. I assume this is the same Tricky Tee that did “Leave It To The Drum” later, but that rapper sounds totally different, so who knows. Does anybody know if the old school rapper TJ Swann and the singer for Biz were one and the same?

4. Dancin Heart - Universal Two
I don’t know how this one slipped through the cracks back then. The drums and bassline are perfect. It’s great how they were just straight up rappers, not trying to be a cute novelty like some of the other females who came on the scene later. And why do they call themselves the Universal Three in the song, but the credits call them the Universal Two.

5. At The Place To Be - Sweety G
This was a bitch to re-edit. I felt funny doing re-edits of any of the songs, but it had to be done to make them fit on a 7”. I’m guessing that’s one of the reasons why 7” singles were never done of any of these songs in the first place. I think I did re-edits of all the songs except for one or two.

6. Old School - Busy Bee
This came out way later when rap had already morphed into something else, but I like how if someone heard it now for the first time, they’d assume it was from the early 80’s by the way it sounded. Actually, when I saw Wildstyle for the first time as a kid back when it came out, I remember being surprised because I was expecting the music to be more electro drum machine/synth based stuff like what was in Beat Street and Breakin, but I loved how it was different. Besides these 3 movies, no way for someone in San Jose to SEE hip hop. We only heard it.

7. Sucka DJ - Dimples D
Another “where are they now and why only one song” type of rapper. That just doesn’t make sense to me. This came out right about the time where I started programming my own beats on the Dr Rhythm drum machine, but I couldn’t find any rappers (male or female) who sounded this raw.

8. It's Yours - T La Rock
T La Rock changed the game with this song. Any rapper will tell you this. He had all those big words and they made sense the way he used them. When LL came out with “I Need A Beat” back then, I loved the song, but thought he was being T La Rock part 2. I remember looking for the scratch Jazzy Jay was using (“Full Tilt Boogie”) and was so happy when I found it a couple years later in 1987. One of the first “breaks” I discovered.

9. Cold Getting Dumb - Just Ice
By this point, we used to call the raw/underground stuff we liked “hardcore”. This is how we described Just Ice, Schooly D, etc. People say he paved the way for groups like NWA and I’m right there with them. I used to wear this album out.

10. Make The Music-Biz Markie
The reverb, the voice, the piano. It’s no wonder I lost interest in new wave, electro, soul, funk, everything else by this point. Helps me realize why people take their hip hop so seriously and make statements like “I’ll die for hip hop”.

11. Marley Marl Scratch - MC Shan
This is probably my favorite song on the whole box set. Marley Marl is one of the greatest of all time. Same formula as “Make The Music”, but Shan sounded so different. I hung on every word and every snare drum sound. I think this and (PSK) made me try rapping (ouch). Then I remember when KRS first came out, I was such an MC Shan fan, yet KRS was so dope, it really messed me up. I felt like such a trader.

12. Hardcore Hip Hop - Mantronix
This was only album cut, which was really strange to me. Was one of their best songs besides “Fresh Is The Word”. Was tough for me to decide which of those two to put on this collection. I remember when the Beat Junkies had a routine with this about 10 years ago and I was proud of them for bringing that song back. I was surprised they knew it. B-boy shit. To this day, 50 Cent’s flow reminds me of MC Tee on certain songs, although it’s probably just another coincidence.

13. Strong Island - JVC Force
Still don’t know who started the lazy Long Island flow with tons of delay between JVC, EPMD, De La, and Rakim, but they all did it well. I made my own JVC Force shirt at the mall a couple years back and wore in while in Japan and a Japanese guy took a picture of me and next time I came to Japan, they had the same exact shirt I made selling in stores. A bootleg of a bootleg.

14. Jimbrowski - Jungle Brothers
Damn, they were ahead of their time when they came out. This whole album was a start to finish masterpiece. It’s cool that groups like them paved the way for Arrested Development to have a number one hit on the pop charts that was still Afrocentric and still musically sound.

15. Mighty Hard Rocker - Cash Money & Marv
I like the beats and the rhymes on this, but the cuts on this are what do it for me. I can’t believe Cash was doing this back then. I studied his shit and still can’t do it nowadays (and hardly anyone else can either). His shit was straight up swingin’.

16. It's My Turn – Stezo
dirty drums!!! That’s what we all were trying to find back then and these were the dirtiest. Everyone who made beats sampled from this record. I used to try to mask it by taking the drum loop and filtering all the lows out to just use the high hat loop and adding a snare and different kick, then “Take It Personal” came out which was Primo’s “Fuck You” to everyone who made beats. Two classics outta one drum beat.

17. Just Rhymin With Biz- Big Daddy Kane
I wanna rhyme with the Biz. This represented the innocence of just having fun in the studio and not planning things out so much. At least that’s how it sounded. I kinda tried to do the same thing without even realizing it years later with Charizma when we had extra studio time left over and no song planned out with a song we called “My World Premiere”. That ended up being the first record on my label Stones Throw. Can’t say enough about Kane though. I think I learned more about him as a person by what Biz rapped in “Vapors” than I did in any song he rapped about himself in (although he penned Vapors for Biz).

18. The Bridge Is Over - BDP
This sounded like he was just having fun too. One of the sloppiest, purist, catchiest hip hop tracks ever. This is where the guilt started setting in for me.

19. MTS-Eastside Prep Boys (bonus track)
I made this when I was around 14. Just a drum machine I got at Toys R Us and and an MC bragging about his DJ M.T.S. the whole time. His DJ was really off beat, but all good. I met the MC and DJ that day and never saw them again since. At the end of the song, I came in and did my own cuts and they were really surprised I knew how to scratch. It was done live to tape. We didn’t have any multi-tracks back then.

20. One MC-Eastside Prep Boys (bonus track)
This was also done back when I was 14. I still talk to the MC to this day. He was the first rapper I worked with. Now he does ultimate fighting and security, but he still DJs too. I have another song by him we did back then where I had him rapping over “Sex” by Berlin. Now they call it mashup, but we were doing it back then uncredited."

Poirier Releases new EP on Ninja Tune

Run The Riddim is the second portion of a three part EP series for Ninja Tune. Ever since my boy Ronnie dropped the Ninja Tune knowledge on me some years back I have been a dedicated fan and have continued to push and champion their sound and output.

This EP is no exception.

Dark and dirty dancehall vibes with an extra dose of bass.

Download 'Enemies Ft. Face T. here. (Direct Link Terrorbird)

Track Listing :

Digital / CD

Enemies (featuring Face T)
Trust None Of Dem (featuring Burro Banton)
Gyal Secret Pictures (featuring MC Zulu)
Let Them Hate (featuring YT)

12" :

A Side
Enemies (featuring Face T)
Trust None Of Dem (featuring Burro Banton)

B Side

Gyal Secret Pictures (featuring MC Zulu)
Let Them Hate (featuring YT)

Courtney Tidwell 'Don’t Let The Stars Keep Us Tangled Up (Remixes)' on R&S

The legendary, and recently relaunched Belgian label R&S have just dropped this little ditty on us.

Courtney Tidwell's widely talked about single ‘Don’t Let Stars Keep Us Tangled’ gets a beautiful reworking from Ewan Pearson, who I booked some years back at the Filthy party @ element when it first opened.

There's also a new beat-less version plus another dance floor shaker from Sei A- this remix is seriously modern Acid House.

Below is a player where you can listen to the Sei A Remix. Sorry guys but this came to me from an exclusive list I'm on, can't share it.

But, if you head over to the R&S site and sign up for their mailing list you can grab four free downloads from the catalogue.

R&S Records


Fxxk Machine (Mixhell Remix)

German Glam-electro duo The World Domination enlisted the bass heavy remixing skills of Mixhell on their latest single 'Fxxk Machine' from their most recent album 'Heat' out on 1st Decade Records. The World Domination have been championed by Kitsuné with their single release vs. Adam Sky who personally approached them for the collaboration. Mixhell does brings the madness to the single with his mix of fidget style breaks, grindcore and ghettotech.

The group has already made global performances in Berlin, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Amsterdam and New York City. Keep an eye out for more to come from TWD in the coming year as they are sure to continue to wreak havoc across the glitter dusted globe.


King Britt's 'Kingstrumentals'

Low Life Inc. friend King Britt hit us with some of his latest work in the studio.

He's called the project 'Kingstrumentals' and it was all produced analogue style which I love. 18 unreleased tracks of that King Britt snap and boom bap!

Here's what King had to say about the project:

Sometimes in the studio, I feel I have too many options. Too many software choices, synths, etc. I felt like I needed to go back to the essence of making beats. So I dusted off the MPC2000 and grabbed stacks of wax from my library to make beats. It was such a wonderful feeling to just flip beats again. Wasn’t even thinking of releasing them, just an exercise for my brain.

The fun part was that I only used the floppy drive. Only 12sec of sample time for each joint.

All kicks, snares and sounds are all from records. Mixed raw, right out of the MPC stereo outs. Done in 1 week in April 2009 (one or two oldies thrown in for good measure)

Just some boom bap vibes for all my peeps who just love a good loop…

Enjoy and share !

RIYL: J Dilla, MF Doom, Dabrye, Prefuse 73


Five Six Media
Low Life Inc.


NAPT 'Fortune' 12" Dub Mix

As the third installment of NAPT's award winning N-Funk series draws ever closer and in light of NAPT's performance on August 14 at legendary London club Fabric the Beatport and Breakspoll award winners have produced a special exclusive 12 Inch Dub Mix of their track "Fortune". "Fortune" was originally released on N-Funk Part 2 on Funkatech Records last year and this re-mix is sure to thrash heads as lights flash and the dry ice flows.

NAPT 'Fortune (12" Dub Mix) (Listen & Download via SoundCloud)

You can catch NAPT along with Sinden, Plump DJ's, DJ Zinc, Yo Majesty!, Jesse Rose, Riva Starr, Mowgli, Joe Ransom, Toddla T and more this Friday August 14 at Fabric London.



Acclaimed live electronic act 2020Soundsystem are set to release their sophomore album 'Falling' September 21st on their own 2020Vision. And to get you ready for it the band has released a non album track and DJ mix by member Ralph Lawson celebrating 15 years of 2020Vision.

2020Soundsystem “SATELLITE”
(Direct Link c/o rephlektor inkorporated)


Blaze - Lovelee Dae (2020Vision Accapella) / Playhouse

Ernesto Ferreya - Ground / lomidhigh

Boccadillo (Ekkohaus remix)

Moritz Piske - Dirt Cabana / Salon

Loko - Scarlet House / Soulman

Bruno Gauthier - It's Love (Simon Baker remix) / Classic

Mark Broom - Life / 2020Vision

Lil Louis - I Called You / FFRR

Ekkohaus - Brian Said / 2020Vision

Saro & Black - We Were There / Shadowprint

Ricardo Villalobos - Easy Lee (Random Factor unreleased mix) / Playhouse

Gruber & Nurnberg - Traffic / Bloop

Salvatore Freda - Bombolone / Liebe Detail

TBD - What Is This ? / TBD

Basement Jaxx - Flylife (Atlantic Jaxx)

Julien Chaptal - Collider (2020Vision)

Mayer Hawthorne Maybe So Maybe No

I just got word that the limited edition 4" record to accompany select copies of the Mayer Hawthorne debut album on Stones Throw may be gone by the time of actual release. So if I were you, I would hop to it and pre-order your copy now like I did a few minutes ago. I bought the vinyl release of course.

And in case you haven't taken a chance to listen to his unique brand of Blue Eyed soul check out this track below.

Mayer Hawthorne 'Your Easy Lovin' A'int Pleasin' Nothin'
(Direct Link c/o Stones Throw)

The Splinters

I'm not sure what it is these days but I am a sucker for girl group harmonies once again. Not since high school when I spent a lot of time listening to That Dog, The Sundays, The Softies, Go Sailor!, Sleater Kinney et al. have I enjoyed this type of music.

The Splinters are an East Bay band that has come up the old fashioned way playing shows and now releasing their first recorded music on a limited 7" on Double Negative records. A handful of the records will actually come in jackets hand designed by the lovely ladies of The Splinters. Check out the MP3 version of the A-side track 'Splintered Bridges.'

The Splinters 'Splintered Bridges'
(Direct Link c/o Terror Bird)


Attack Of The Blog! Out Today!

I've been doing A&R for the Coco Machete sub-label Buzzard Gulch for a while now. Today marks the release of the second compilation in our 'Blog' series. Basically I've found nearly all of these artists via Blogs. This compilation is stacked with some of the best I found out there. Many of the artists will be familiar to you and some are total newbies burning it up in their home studios.

Here's the official press release I wrote for the comp along with the MegaInvasionMix I recorded to give you all a taste before you buy.

"The trail of mayhem continues as Buzzard Gulch releases the second compilation in its Blog series. The first compilation ‘It Came From The Blog’ found destructive success on the Beatport Indie Dance chart this Spring, at one point holding 7 of the top 10 tracks and ‘Tight Jeans’ was named one of the top 50 Anthems of Summer by the Beatport staff.

The follow up comp, ‘Attack Of The Blog’ is even more pounding and punishing than its predecessor. Low Life Inc. was brought in once again to compile the very best heavy electro, fidget, dubstep and beyond they could dig up.

Douster & Arcade get you wasted. Audiostalkers show you what sex is all about. Stereoheroes reveal the truth about Clark Kent. And Jayou rinses it out with his dubstep twists. Not to mention the pop electro of Bo$$ In Drama, Spencer Product’s NY hipster anthem or Sensual Harassment’s robot musique.

‘Attack Of The Blog’ has burst through the atmosphere and is geared up for a full on assault on your senses. We are Buzzard Gulch. We don’t come in peace!"

1. JAYOU – Rinse Out!
2. Douster & Arcade – Wasted
3. Audiostalkers – Sex
4. Figure – House on the Hill
5. Stereoheroes – Clark Kent
6. Chubby Fingers – Big John
7. The Girls Can Hear Us – On The Low
8. Boss in drama – Favorite Song
9. Spencer Product – We Bite (Tronik Youth Remix)
10. Sensual Harassment – Carnal Spirits
11. Zero Cash – Pushit (Backdoor Version)
12. Frederik Olufsen – OMG
13. SCNDL – Drama (Fukkk Offf Rmx)
14. Owl Vision – Riot in Burma
15. Koko Dozo – Gangsta
16. Get Famous! – Slip Away


Kashmere Stage Band

As digital music becomes overwhelming to the point I need breaks from MP3s altogether I've found myself record shopping once again and enjoying the pleasures of listening to vinyl at home, a lot.

Yesterday I road my bike down to DUMBO to hit up Halcyon, one of the few great record stores left in NYC. I picked up this album among a few other records, this one is indeed a stand out. Funky, live and timeless. Filled with the passion you just can't find easily from modern musicians.

This album, 'Zero Point' was one of only three albums the group ever recorded.

You can order the re-issues of their albums at Wax Poetics shop.

From Wikipedia:

Kashmere High School is located in a predominantly black neighborhood known as Kashmere Gardens in Houston, Texas. Music teacher Conrad O. Johnson attended an Otis Redding concert in 1967 and was inspired to translate the style of the concert into a program he could sustain at the high school in order to create opportunities for his student musicians. The Kashmere Stage Band was born.

During its time, KSB won national championships in high school band competitions and gained a reputation as being unbeatable. Johnson served as band director, arranger, and principal composer for the band. KSB recorded eight albums during its life.

The teenagers in the Kashmere Stage Band produced a sound equal to that of the contemporary funk bands the JB's and the Bar-Kays. Although lost for decades, since 2003 the KSB recordings have been released on 7" or 12" LP record or CD, and have become prized by hip-hop artists and dj's for their inimitable sound. A notable sampling occurs on the Handsome Boy Modeling School album So... How's Your Girl?, DJ Shadow’s track “Holy Calamity (Bear Witness II)” samples “Kashmere” from the album Kashmere Stage Band Plays Originals. Many of the modern KSB releases are occurring for the first time.


Marina and Soko Produced by Radioclit

The iHeartcomix crew has started a new 7" series in association with Pure Groove. The singles will be limited to 300 copies so get yours now.

The first in the series features Marina and Soko on this 'Low Rider' sample heavy track produced by Radioclit.

Marina & Soko 'Mum' (Direct Link)