It started with two sisters, Jessica and Cristi Jo, of New York. A couple of guys and a girl later, they became what we now know as Zambri. The sisters write the songs and sing (with surprisingly huge voices for little bodies). Then join Chris,
Andy and Carrie (who is seen playing electronics with her boots). Zambri generated some buzz after releasing their self-titled, debut EP last year, and became one amongst the few unsigned bands, to participate as an official act at both the
CMJ & SXSW music festivals. Blogs and magazines try to pinpoint their unique sound, having compared them to the likes of Kate Bush, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Siouxsie, Bjork, Elastica, Cocteau Twins, New Order, and My Bloody Valentine.
They are currently working on their debut album, and playing some national tour dates this summer/fall.
"Bang For Changes" Limited Edition EP is available at shows only.

Here's one of their tracks remixed by Baltimoroder. Kind of a funky minimal joint.

Zambri 'Easier (Baltimoroder Remix)' (YSI)

And the original which is a total driving your car in the summer jam.

Zambri 'Easier (Original Mix)' (YSI)

There's also a remix by Rob from Does It Offend You, Yeah? and Nick Seeley.

Show Dates:

July 9 Jezbel.com Feature Show @ Public Assembly Brooklyn, NY
July 16 Club NME @ The Annex NYC

Zambri MySpace

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