Sa-Ra Creative Partners

I can't get enough Sa-Ra Creative Partners. I own almost every single release they have on vinyl. They make the type of future funk, neo-soul and boom bap space jams that I adore. George Clinton meets Mantronix meets Mayfield. Their sound is unique and all their own.

I recently picked up their debut full length released on Ubiquity called 'NUCLEAR EVOLUTION, THE AGE OF LOVE' and it is everything I could have hoped, not to mention, waited for since it's taken them about 6 years to finish this full length. Although they did bless us with EPs and singles in between.

This is highly recommended by Filthy. I also suggest buying the double LP and not the MP3 version for the sake of their sonic efforts.

Album features appearances by Erykah Badu, Debi Nova, Rozzi Daime and more.

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