F!@#$% Up

If you know me really well you know that my listening habits can go from ambient electronic music to the hardest death metal around. So consider this a treat on the Filthy Beats blog.

This past Sunday I went to the first Pool Party of the Summer over at the riverfront in Williamsburg. I was mostly there to get some sun and catch Mission of Burma. I also ended up finding a new favorite post-hardcore band called Fucked Up.

From the Matador Records Bio:
"Fucked Up formed in Toronto in 2002, high-school friends influenced by first- and second-wave hardcore bands like Minor Threat and NOFX. It was instantly apparent that they were not carbon-copy punks. Their first 7" was entitled No Pasarán after an anti-fascist slogan from the Spanish Civil War. It was also ferociously melodic and inventive, setting the scene for a string of 25 singles over the next four years that combined political commentary with incredible musicianship and a sense of theater."

It also goes on to talk about how exact facts about the band are constantly in flux. It's good to know that even in the age of everyone trying to be digitally famous, a band can transcend that notion and let the music and performances speak for themselves.

And what a performance it is. The massive bear-like front-man Father Damian was stripped to just his boxers by the middle of the set. He's probably the most exciting singer I've seen in a long while. Watching them brought me back to the days of listening to Fugazi and Jawbreaker records and going to Avail shows.

I picked up 2 of their many 7" singles while I was at the show 'Year of The Pig' and 'Crooked Head.' Great artwork and inserts. It's good to see some effort placed into single releases in that format still.

I also downloaded their album on Matador called 'The Chemistry of Common Life.' Now you tell me that doesn't sound like a legit post-punk album title.

Here's a favorite from the album so far.

F!@#$% Up 'Crooked Head' (YSI)

The band doesn't have a Myspace page but here's the blog they maintain : http://lookingforgold.blogspot.com/

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