Recently you've heard about Those Darlins from me. Well, now meet Darlings from Brooklyn.

Twee meets garage rock. Kind of like Heavenly vs. The Pastels vs. The Wedding Present.

Fun and a nice little album for Summer.

Darlings 'TV' (YSI)

Darlings 'Yeah I Know' (YSI)

Their album 'Yeah I Know' is out now on Famous Class.

Catch them live at these upcoming shows:
Aug 2 2009 8:00P
LITTLEFIELD w/ Fiasco, Balkans, Carnivores Brooklyn, New York
Aug 6 2009 8:00P
CAMEO w/ Senors of Marseille, Teddy Blanks, & HolidayHoliday Brooklyn, New York
Aug 14 2009 8:00P
DEATH BY AUDIO - RECORD RELEASE PARTY w/ Boogie Boarder, Snakes Say Hisss!, Tony Castles, Nurturer Brooklyn, New York
Sep 3 2009 8:00P
Sep 19 2009 8:00P
PILAM w/ The Armchairs, Reading Rainbow, Woven Bones Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Darlings MySpace.


R.I.P. Martin Blamma!

About nine hours ago I received word from Buzzard Gulch signing Blamma! Blamma! that one half of the production team has passed away due to a battle with cancer.

Here's what Nick Blamma! had to say about his producing partner...

"Martin was a truly amazing guy, who did all kinds of wonderful stuff in his short lifetime, not least make lots of fantastic music in many different guises. I will miss him dearly and my thoughts are with his wife and their beautiful little baby son.

I'm mailing you now because you've been a fan of his music in some shape or form, so I felt it was right to let you know. I also wanted to share some of his final work because he put lots of effort into it. I've included a link to his last remix, of the track 'You Came Out' by our good friends We Have Band. It's quite a laidback, breezy affair compared to our usual output so I think it's fitting. We hope you like it, please feel free to share it as you see fit and let as many people enjoy it as possible."

We Have Band – You Came Out (Blamma! Blamma!'s Fleetwood Mix)

Blamma! Blamma! – Carry Me Home

Blood Red Shoes – It's Getting Boring By The Sea (Blamma! Red Shoes Mix)

Nick also shared this...

"Martin and I had been working on lots of new material, which I would possibly like to finish and share with the world at some point, but can't really say when at the moment.

For now, if you do play any of the above tracks, please do so loud and remember all the laughs and good times Martin brought to so many people."

My heart goes out to Martin's family and his partner Nick.

Blamma! Blamma! Myspace


Kid Koala Presents The Slew Live

From the Tour Only Album "100%"
"It's All Over" & "You Turn Me Cold" (Direct Link)

A couple of years back Eric San (aka Kid Koala) and Dylan J. Frombach (aka Dynomite D) were approached to soundtrack a new documentary feature film that was in production. Koala was already well known for his uncanny turntable manipulation, whilst Dylan had remixed Money Mark and collaborated with the Beastie Boys, amongst others. The duo worked for a long time on the psych rock-influenced score, only for the filming to collapse and any release to be canned. Although the film may never see the light of day, its music is about to be brought to life on stage.

Recently Koala & Dylan met the former rhythm section of Grammy Award-winning Australian rock band Wolfmother and began telling them all about the film and its lost music. Chris Ross and Myles Heskett loved the clips and urged that the material had to be heard; subsequently Kid Koala and the guys decided to put a show on the road.

After intensive rehearsals the show is now ready to go. Featuring drums, bass/keys and the DJs working across a truly excessive six turntables, the set is seventy minutes of raw guitar cuts and heavy beats. We can guarantee that you will never have heard anything quite like this and also that you are unlikely to again. It's a one-off tour, so when it stops in your town you'll either be there or will have missed it forever.

Anyone who has seen previous Kid Koala events will not be disappointed - from Kid Koala's incendiary solo turntable spectaculars to the Nufonia book launch, Deltron 3030 live to the Short Attention Span Theater.

Brash, loud and defiantly turned up to eleven. The Slew Tour is coming to your town. Don't miss it.


WED 9/23

THUR 9/24

FRI 9/25

SUN 9/27
Key Club

WED 9/30
Music Hall Of Williamsburg

THUR 10/1
Great Scott

FRI 10/2
La Tulipe

SAT 10/3
Lee's Palace

SUN 10/4


Mastodon Vs. Troublemaker

Some seriously heavy dubstep action from Cali's Troublemaker. I've heard the Mastodon name before and from what I know, they are kind of heavy rock.

Love odd combinations.

Mastodan 'Oblivion (Troublemaker Remix)' (Direct Link)

Troublemaker Website

Awesome New Republic Rational Geographic Vol. II

One of my favorite bands, Awesome New Republic, has now released the second portion of 'Rational Geographic' for free.

Go download from their website now.

Get some.


Wallpaper. 'Pool Party' (Direct Link)

This summer has been the hottest on record for Oakland's club destroyers, Wallpaper. Following the remix of Das Racist's
"Combination Pizza Hut & Taco Bell" (which Pitchfork and Village Voice both proclaimed the "Summer Jam of '09"),
and a wildly controversial mashup of Jay-Z's "99 Problems" and "Death of Autotune" that RCRDLBL heralded
"dadaist genius" and MTV News declared "an instant favorite," its safe to say there are no signs of cooling down.

With the days growing long and the nights even longer, Wallpaper. has found themselves at the heart of another
summer track, this time a collaboration with Jacob Safari of The Mae Shi and Kid Static from Chicago.
"Me and Jacob from The Mae Shi had been playing grab ass for a few months about collaborating on some music.
So he finally sent me this freaky glitch reggaeton thing. I was in the studio late on a Saturday night
chalk full of Red Bull and self loathing, wishing I was on top of the Standard Hotel LA gettin’
my ugly dude on. So I wrote 'Pool Party.'"

Wallpaper.'s debut LP Doodoo Face drops September 22nd.



Wallpaper. MySpace

Sensual Harassment

Sensual Harassment is a Reptilian Humanoid alliance utilizing sonic mind control through beat-driven psych-pop. In their debut broadcast, the scaly Brooklyn trio seamlessly shape-shifts from re-verb-drenched post-Apocalyptic new wave to epileptic space disco.

Recorded at their clandestine headquarters in Southside Williamsburg, the band wisely recruited Jesse Cannon (The Cure, Animal Collective and The Misfits) to help engineer the cerebral revolution.

Bold yet subdued, "Soldier" is an electrified symphony soaked in icy analog synths concluding in a melodic crescendo that is equal parts Pet Shop Boys and The Chameleons.
Cut with razor sharp synths, "Daddy Long Legs" is a cosmic dance party fueled by grimy Italo arpeggio's while evoking the pulsating funk and visceral aggression of Fugazi.

It is unclear when these elusive Reptoids may appear again from their covert asylum but the one thing that remains certain is resistance is futile.

Catch Sensual Harassment on the follow up to Buzzard Gulch's 'It Came From The Blog' on 'Attack Of The Blog' going global August 11th.

Sensual Harassment Website


Those Darlins

Murfreesboro has never been as cute as this, I know this and I have never even been there.

I'm a bit behind on this discovery but I present to you my new music crush, Those Darlins.

And aren't they?

The music is rock n' roll and country with some attitude. Think Johnny Cash, except, instead of a man in black it's three sassy girls in shorts and boots.

Those Darlins 'Wild One' (YSI)

Pick up their self titled debut album directly from the band here for only $14 with the vinyl and CD included. Worth every penny. I'm ordering mine.


Warpig! Disco of Doom...

Rising up from the gurgling belly of the underworld comes Disco of Doom, the brand new project from production and DJ duo Tom Real & The Rogue Element. The Disco Of Doom is a place of unspeakable depravity from whence Tom and Rogue deliver twisted, filthy productions. 'Warpig' and 'Spawn Again' follows their first EP which came out last year on Passenger Records to critical acclaim. 'Warpig' takes things deep, dark, heavy and churning with surprises at every turn just when you thought it was safe to get back on the dancefloor. 'Spawn Again' brings you back to the jack of old school Chicago acid madness while simultaneously slicing in the heavy duty rave sounds...you are all well and truly doomed!

Another dancefloor killer from New York's Coco Machete Records.

Listen below and the go but it at Beatport!

Coco Machete

F!@#$% Up

If you know me really well you know that my listening habits can go from ambient electronic music to the hardest death metal around. So consider this a treat on the Filthy Beats blog.

This past Sunday I went to the first Pool Party of the Summer over at the riverfront in Williamsburg. I was mostly there to get some sun and catch Mission of Burma. I also ended up finding a new favorite post-hardcore band called Fucked Up.

From the Matador Records Bio:
"Fucked Up formed in Toronto in 2002, high-school friends influenced by first- and second-wave hardcore bands like Minor Threat and NOFX. It was instantly apparent that they were not carbon-copy punks. Their first 7" was entitled No Pasarán after an anti-fascist slogan from the Spanish Civil War. It was also ferociously melodic and inventive, setting the scene for a string of 25 singles over the next four years that combined political commentary with incredible musicianship and a sense of theater."

It also goes on to talk about how exact facts about the band are constantly in flux. It's good to know that even in the age of everyone trying to be digitally famous, a band can transcend that notion and let the music and performances speak for themselves.

And what a performance it is. The massive bear-like front-man Father Damian was stripped to just his boxers by the middle of the set. He's probably the most exciting singer I've seen in a long while. Watching them brought me back to the days of listening to Fugazi and Jawbreaker records and going to Avail shows.

I picked up 2 of their many 7" singles while I was at the show 'Year of The Pig' and 'Crooked Head.' Great artwork and inserts. It's good to see some effort placed into single releases in that format still.

I also downloaded their album on Matador called 'The Chemistry of Common Life.' Now you tell me that doesn't sound like a legit post-punk album title.

Here's a favorite from the album so far.

F!@#$% Up 'Crooked Head' (YSI)

The band doesn't have a Myspace page but here's the blog they maintain : http://lookingforgold.blogspot.com/


Sa-Ra Creative Partners

I can't get enough Sa-Ra Creative Partners. I own almost every single release they have on vinyl. They make the type of future funk, neo-soul and boom bap space jams that I adore. George Clinton meets Mantronix meets Mayfield. Their sound is unique and all their own.

I recently picked up their debut full length released on Ubiquity called 'NUCLEAR EVOLUTION, THE AGE OF LOVE' and it is everything I could have hoped, not to mention, waited for since it's taken them about 6 years to finish this full length. Although they did bless us with EPs and singles in between.

This is highly recommended by Filthy. I also suggest buying the double LP and not the MP3 version for the sake of their sonic efforts.

Album features appearances by Erykah Badu, Debi Nova, Rozzi Daime and more.



Stones Throw will release Dâm-Funk's debut album Toeachizown as a 5LP set this fall - two and a half hours of music - with CD to follow. Full album details, release date, track list, coming as soon as it's confirmed. They're starting it off by releasing Vol. 1 "LAtrik" which was completed just last week. You can pick it up here.

Dåm-Funk 'Toeachizown' (Direct Link)

If you're a huge fan of acts like Ammon Contact and Sa-Ra Creative Partners then I suggest you give this space funk a listen. Perfect for those hazy July days.


WhateverWhatever in Quicksand

The guys of WhateverWhatever are back again with their flawless dance floor sweepers. This time they remix La Roux's intoxicating 'Quicksand' and give Trouble Andrew some serious teched out mischief.
And both are at 320kbps and ready to play!

These guys have collectively remixed more artists than it's worth mentioning over their combined careers. They have remixes released on DFA, Rong, Mute, TommyBoy and many more.

They are true legends of NY club music. Don't sleep on this one.

WhateverWhatever MySpace



It started with two sisters, Jessica and Cristi Jo, of New York. A couple of guys and a girl later, they became what we now know as Zambri. The sisters write the songs and sing (with surprisingly huge voices for little bodies). Then join Chris,
Andy and Carrie (who is seen playing electronics with her boots). Zambri generated some buzz after releasing their self-titled, debut EP last year, and became one amongst the few unsigned bands, to participate as an official act at both the
CMJ & SXSW music festivals. Blogs and magazines try to pinpoint their unique sound, having compared them to the likes of Kate Bush, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Siouxsie, Bjork, Elastica, Cocteau Twins, New Order, and My Bloody Valentine.
They are currently working on their debut album, and playing some national tour dates this summer/fall.
"Bang For Changes" Limited Edition EP is available at shows only.

Here's one of their tracks remixed by Baltimoroder. Kind of a funky minimal joint.

Zambri 'Easier (Baltimoroder Remix)' (YSI)

And the original which is a total driving your car in the summer jam.

Zambri 'Easier (Original Mix)' (YSI)

There's also a remix by Rob from Does It Offend You, Yeah? and Nick Seeley.

Show Dates:

July 9 Jezbel.com Feature Show @ Public Assembly Brooklyn, NY
July 16 Club NME @ The Annex NYC

Zambri MySpace

Archie Shepp

"Negro music and culture are intrinsically improvisational, existential. Nothing is sacred."

- Archie Shepp 1990

Archie Shepp is a New York City native and alumnus of Goddard College. Archie started playing jazz in the early 60's and continues to dazzle audiences around the world playing tenor saxophone and piano, accompanied by his soulful voice. Currently residing in Massachusetts, he teaches music history as a professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Archie has collaborated with Cecil Taylor, John Coltrane and Yusef Lateef, as well as countless other jazz greats. Mr Shepp received the distinguished New England Foundation for the Arts Achievement in Music Award in 1995. The following is an exerpt from Scott Cashman during the award presentation:

"Archie Shepp really began his career as a professional musician when Cecil Taylor gave him an opportunity to join his group in 1960. John Coltrane's appreciation of his artistry led to Shepp's recording contract with Impulse!. Throughout the 1960s he participated in a collective innovation which introduced a new set of possibilities for African American music. Known as either "Free Jazz" or "Avant-Garde Jazz" this music spoke to a generation not content with the status quo in terms of music and social equality. As a spokesperson for this new music Shepp proved to be intelligent, educated, forceful and controversial. Through it all, in his music, spoken and written words, and non-musical jobs, he was a forceful advocate for equality and justice.

Beginning in the 1970s Archie Shepp began to experiment with the various forms of his African American musical heritage. Mainstream jazz, traditional spirituals and blues, and original compositions were explored in settings ranging from duos to his Attica Blues Big Band.

Today, in addition to being a master of the tenor saxophone, I believe that through his performances he has become one of the most profound bluesmen on the scene. I don't have to wait for his old age to proclaim my belief that he is one of our national treasures."

Here is the 18 minute opening track from Archie Shepp's 1967 album 'The Magic of Ju-Ju.'

Archie Shepp 'The Magic of Ju-Ju' (YSI)

Archie Shepp Website