Santigold & King Britt

King Britt and Santigold are long time friends. Here's King Britt's remix of 'Anne.'

And here's what King had to say about the mix:

"Santigold (Santi to me), has been a friend for a very very longtime. It has been a pleasure to see and hear her progression and success. From a killer album to touring with Kanye and Bjork to over 30 commercials on tv, Santi has hit the scene hard! She is currently in the studio with Pharell for her 2nd album.

But here, I finally present, by popular demand, my remix (or reproduction) of ‘Anne’. This song is a very heavy tune and I wanted to give Santi a very cinematic point of view. Santi loved it and we agreed to give it out. Guitars: Tim Motzer; Beats, Keys and Mixing: King Britt; Mastered by Shawn @ Optimum
So enjoy and please spread far and wide, King Britt"

Five Six Media
King Britt

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