Baby Ford 'Gravy Train'

I have been listening to Baby Ford releases for a long time now. Back in my heavy IDM days I would catch a 12" from him on Planet Mu or Rephlex. Once I got into techno and started picking up Perlon and Playhouse 12's I found that Baby Ford has many levels in his production catalogue.

These two tracks came out on Perlon sometime in April of this year. 'Gravy Train' is a late night creep fest backed with 'No Day' which is a moody tech-house journey. Perlon is a vinyl only label-so these are recorded direct. But you can pick up the vinyl here at Forced Exposure. Perlon also releases records from Pile, Luciano, Benjamin Wild, Melchior Productions, Hombre Ojo, Narcotic Syntax, Stephan Laubner and Ric Y Martin (Dandy Jack & Ricardo Villalobos).

Baby Ford 'Gravy Train'(YSI)
Baby Ford 'No Day'(YSI)

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