Kompakt New Release: Mugwump 'Fears Inc.'

These two guys from Brussels are on fire! Geoffroy and Kolombo grace us with their second 12” after the much loved “Meditation EP”. This time around, they take us to the dark side of house music. The title track “Fears Inc” sounds like the alternative soundtrack of Polanski’s “Dance of the Vampyres”. There’s an overall gay atmosphere but evil bloodsuckers are lurking behind every corner. “Fears Inc” reminds us of the mid 90s when labels like Strictly Rhythm helped house music to develop a variety and elegance that was unheard thus far. Mugwump roll out a majestic, sanguine deephouse track that builds up to total frenzy including bloodcurdling screams and all. This is a monster track... for real!

“Nothing without you” quotes a different period of dance music, diving deeply into the year 1988 when Djs at the legendary Boccaccio Club near Ghent fusioned EBM and Acidhouse into NEW BEAT, a highly energetic ancestor of nowadays European techno. Kolombo and Geoffroy give this timely deceased genre an update and who knows...
maybe they kissed the beast awake!

Mugwump 'Fears Inc.' (Kompakt 189) (YSI)

Mugwump 'Nothing Without You' (Kompakt 189) (YSI)

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