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I am huge fan of Chicago House. I was a fan from the first time I visited the windy city and I still prefer to jack on the dance floor than anything else. This album drops in a little over a month and I must say when I have this album bumpin' on my stereo I feel like I am back in Chi-town once again. Who knew Aussie's had such a love for the sounds of the Chicago underground?

Kikumotoallstars 'Everybody' (YSI)

Kikumotoallstars 'I'll Make You Jack' (YSI)

Australia’s Kikumoto Allstars to release debut artist CD - House Music – on DJ Hell’s International Deejay Gigolo imprint

In the spirit of the original Chicago acid house of Marshall Jefferson, Larry Heard, DJ Pierre, Lil Louis and Adonis, and with the intensity of modern dance, comes the Kikumoto Allstars!

House Music LP

Released: May 25, 2009

Gigolo Recordings




Hot off the critical and commercial success of previous International Deejay Gigolo single releases –“Jack The House” and “House Music” – Melbourne, Australia’s Kikumoto Allstars (aka DJ/Producer Cam Farrar) is back with his long awaited debut artist album 'House Music'.

'House Music' expands on the early glimpses of brilliance his previous singles offered. The thirteen tracks here take us back to the classic Chicago Acid House sound of legends including Marshall Jefferson, Larry Heard, DJ Pierre, Lil Louis and Adonis. This is a journey filled with the finest elements of the classic Acid House sound - screaming acidic 303 basslines, sizzling hi-hats, minimalist vocals and wonderful melodies. Intentionally retro, Kikumoto Allstars’ music is informed by today's dance with innovative arrangements and twisted, peaking crescendos. The Kikumoto Allstars remind us that acid house music is back and bigger than ever!

“Everybody” is a real throwback to the forefathers of the scene. The powerful electro bassline drives through the track with “the man” demanding that you “move your body / jack your body.” Who could resist? “I’ll Make You Jack” certainly needs no explanation. The tracks does just what the title says with a wobbly 303, crunching hi-hats and signature acid house vocals. “Can't Stop The House” proves that gals can jack just as hard as the fellas. This one chugs along on a thick bassline and has some chick-infused vocals to boot. “Bending Time” goes off in a darker and stranger direction. This is some intergalactic acid house for the sci-fi jacker among us. “DCO” and “Last Train To Chi-Town” are all about melody. Glorious synths are prominent on both tracks and it provides for some seriously epic stuff. “Sagittarius” and “Just A Feelin” offer the more subdued side to acid house and work perfectly in a hazy afterhours club while the reflective “Warehouse Days” provides a first hand account of that the scene was like…back in the warehouse days. “Jack The House” ends the more chill portion of the disc and fires back with some wicked 303 bullets and synth-stab rockets. It’s a crazy track that more than lives up to its name. “Shed” is all about Bass Expansion! The bass here is swarming and huge – push the bass booster, stand in front of the speaker and feel the breeze! “House Music” is the title track of this LP and Kikumoto Allstars previous EP release. It sums up the entire project in name and sound. “Walk The Talk” marries Acid House with rave synths and it’s a real throwback. Those synths are addicting!

Kikumoto Allstars AKA Cam Farrar was first drawn to electronic music when he saw Devo on Australian television in the early 1980’s. As a teenager, inspired by punk and new wave, Farrar began his career in bands, hitting the skins and song writing. With the 90’s dance music revolution underway Farrar was swept up. Australia was now experiencing it’s own halcyon days with warehouse and bush parties beating through the musical landscape. The DIY ethos of dance appealed and Farrar quickly picked up the skills.

Kikumoto Allstars music is produced with all analogue synthesizers and drum machines including the famous Roland range (TR-909, TR-808, TR-707, SH-101, Juno range, Jx-8p and of course the TB-303 which started the acid house revolution), paying homage to Tadao Kikumoto, the brains behind these now legendary machines.


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