Charlie Sleeps

I used to see Charlie quite a bit when I lived in Chicago. He worked at a bar and restaurant I would hang out at called Mod. We'd chat about electronic music and hip hop and our mutual friends. He was a sweetheart of a guy.

Telefon Tel Aviv has been a huge inspiration on Fhloston Paradigm.When member Charlie Cooper passed away, the Paradigm boys dedicated this to him. A two song ep that represents Mr. Cooper’s transcendence into the next dimension.

Fhloston Paradigm are signed to the great FiveSixMedia label,owned by King Britt and home to such acts as Power Douglas (feat Tunde from Tv), Ursula Rucker, Sarah White, SYLK 130, The Nova Dream Sequence and ObaFunke.
Charlie Sleeps and Mission 44 are songs of love and admiration.

Rest In Peace, Charlie.

Five Six Media Website

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