Alphabet Posting: H to N

So I have decided to wrap this 'Alphabet Posting' in consecutive posts.
In this section I am focusing on songs from my past.

Hum 'Stars' (YSI) I saw them open for Bush along with The Toadies when I was 13.
Iggy Pop 'Nightclubbing' (YSI) Ah, indeed.
Jane's Addiction 'Jane Says' (YSI) I can't even fathom how many times I've heard this track. The steel drums still make me smile like the first time I heard it.
Korn 'Blind' (YSI) Um, okay. When the local rock radio DJ gave me this CD as a promo at age 11 I had no idea it would help me through those early teenage years. It did.
Love And Rockets 'So Alive'(YSI) Frowning toe sweep anyone?
The Mighty Mighty BossTones 'Simmer Down' (YSI)
I lit Dicky Barrett's cigarette at Warp Tour one year and flipped out. This is also one of my favorite covers. Dicky's voice could not be more different from Doreen's.
New Order 'Ceremony' (YSI) A band covering itself basically, and doing it so well. You can hear the longing for Ian in Bernard's voice.

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