Whatever Whatever first got together in 2004 to remix Goldfrapp's Ooh La La-since then the pair have turned out remixes for both underground acts like Rong/DFA’s Wolfy and TommyBoy’s Plushgun as well as more commercial artists, such as Beyoncé and Alanis Morissette.

WhateverWhatever, is comprised of Justin Strauss and Bryan Mette.
Strauss, a veteran DJ/Producer in NYC cut his teeth DJing at clubs known for an anything goes approach to music programming like Mudd Club, Area and The Ritz. These gigs opened doors to a long career as a remix artist, turning out countless remixes for a gamut of artists that range from Ryuichi Sakamoto and Depeche Mode to Blondie and Tina Turner.
Mette, a long time DJ on the west coast relocated to NYC in 2004 and since has turned out solo releases under his Carlton Bank$ guise for Coco Machete and Hussle/Ministry Of Sound. He’s also made a name for himself DJing clubs such as Love, APT, and Sullivan Room.

Here's their remix of Wolfy that just dropped on DFA/Rong, Beyonce and the best remix I've ever heard of this track...

Wolfy 'Oh Missy (WhateverWhatever Rmx) (192 kbps) (YSI)

Beyonce 'Diva (WhateverWhatever Rmx) (320 kbps) (YSI)

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