Playhouse-Famous When Dead

When I first started buying tech and house records seriously on a weekly basis I was immediately drawn to the varied tracks coming out from Playhouse out of Germany. The label has a compilation series they run called FAMOUS WHEN DEAD. Playhouse released the 6th in the series last November. Without question, this label is still kicking some of the illest tech-house, outer disco and micro thumpers to keep you dancing into the 8AM Berlin sunrise.
Playhouse was founded in September 1993 by Heiko Schäfer (M/S/O) and Ata. The sister label to Klang Elektronik, it focuses more on the house side of things, while Klang Elektronik releases music that is more techno-orientated.
Here's a favorite pick from each of the first three FAMOUS WEHN DEAD compilations.

LoSoul 'Lies (Watch Your Lift)' (Featured on Famous When Dead 1) (YSI)

The Soft Pink Truth 'Soft Pink Missy' (Featured on Famous When Dead 2) (YSI)

Melchior Porductions 'Let's Go Deep' (Featured on Famous When Dead 3) (YSI)

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