Old School: Diplo, Stereotyp, Test Icicles Remixes


Diplo first hit my radar back in 2004 when I bought his debut album 'Florida' on Big Dada. The album is not really the Diplo we all know today-but I still feel it's some of hit finest work.

Diplo 'Diplo Rhythm Feat. Sandra Melody, Vybz Cartel and Pantera Os Danadinhos' (320 kbps) (YSI)

Diplo 'Summer's Gonna Hurt You' (320 kbps) (YSI)


These two tracks come from the man known as Stereotyp. If you're into the Dubstep sounds these days, then this is for you. Flawless production and just damn hot songs. Here's two favorites from his album 'Keepin' Me' released on G-Stone back in 2006.

Stereotyp 'Keepin Me' (320 kbps) (YSI)

Stereotyp 'Big Flows' (320 kbps) (YSI)

Test Icicles

The band with perhaps the most cheeky name ever had some pretty great remixers take a stab at their low-fi scrunk music. Here's one from James Ford and one from Digitalism. These remixes came out on Domino back in 2006. I am pretty sure the band broke up, their MySpace hasn't been touched since mid-2008.

Test Icicles 'Circle.Square.Triangle (James Ford Extended Mix)' (320 kbps) (YSI)

Test Icicles 'What's Your Damage (Remixed by Digitalism)' (320 kbps) (YSI)

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