Experimental Etc.

Earlier today I watched the documentary on Jandek. Now I must admit, that even after hundreds of trips to Reckless Records in Chicago and seeing the Jandek section I never gave a record a listen once. I love the idea of the myth of an artist being arguably better than the quality of their work. Today some might call the music of artists like Jandek, outsider art.
The documentary is really well crafted and if you're a music history geek like me I suggest you give it a viewing at some point. I personally have promised myself that I will only seek out Jandek's recordings on vinyl from Corwood Industries.
Jandek 'Real Wild' Live

Before he revealed himself to the world and actually started performing live he did this interview in 1985, this was the first time his voice was publicly heard on the subject of his music and mysterious label Corwood Industries. Worth the listen.

While I was doing some further research I found quite the interesting Blog called 'Experimental Etc.' The blog posts links to full length albums spanning all the musical reaches of experimentation from Wolf Eyes to Jandek to Death. The writer has some incredible taste and although I won't personally post links to full lengths ever on my blog I have no problem opening doors to those who do. Experimental Etc.
Let the experiment continue.

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