Playhouse-Famous When Dead

When I first started buying tech and house records seriously on a weekly basis I was immediately drawn to the varied tracks coming out from Playhouse out of Germany. The label has a compilation series they run called FAMOUS WHEN DEAD. Playhouse released the 6th in the series last November. Without question, this label is still kicking some of the illest tech-house, outer disco and micro thumpers to keep you dancing into the 8AM Berlin sunrise.
Playhouse was founded in September 1993 by Heiko Schäfer (M/S/O) and Ata. The sister label to Klang Elektronik, it focuses more on the house side of things, while Klang Elektronik releases music that is more techno-orientated.
Here's a favorite pick from each of the first three FAMOUS WEHN DEAD compilations.

LoSoul 'Lies (Watch Your Lift)' (Featured on Famous When Dead 1) (YSI)

The Soft Pink Truth 'Soft Pink Missy' (Featured on Famous When Dead 2) (YSI)

Melchior Porductions 'Let's Go Deep' (Featured on Famous When Dead 3) (YSI)


Whatever Whatever first got together in 2004 to remix Goldfrapp's Ooh La La-since then the pair have turned out remixes for both underground acts like Rong/DFA’s Wolfy and TommyBoy’s Plushgun as well as more commercial artists, such as Beyoncé and Alanis Morissette.

WhateverWhatever, is comprised of Justin Strauss and Bryan Mette.
Strauss, a veteran DJ/Producer in NYC cut his teeth DJing at clubs known for an anything goes approach to music programming like Mudd Club, Area and The Ritz. These gigs opened doors to a long career as a remix artist, turning out countless remixes for a gamut of artists that range from Ryuichi Sakamoto and Depeche Mode to Blondie and Tina Turner.
Mette, a long time DJ on the west coast relocated to NYC in 2004 and since has turned out solo releases under his Carlton Bank$ guise for Coco Machete and Hussle/Ministry Of Sound. He’s also made a name for himself DJing clubs such as Love, APT, and Sullivan Room.

Here's their remix of Wolfy that just dropped on DFA/Rong, Beyonce and the best remix I've ever heard of this track...

Wolfy 'Oh Missy (WhateverWhatever Rmx) (192 kbps) (YSI)

Beyonce 'Diva (WhateverWhatever Rmx) (320 kbps) (YSI)

WhateverWhatever Blog
WhateverWhatever MySpace


I Feel Cream

Back in the Summer of 2001, I moved to Chicago with two suitcases and a bag of records. 4 years later I would move to NYC with 12 crate of records and a degree. In that Summer I caught two of the best shows ever in the same weekend. The first was Radiohead on the Kid A/Amnesiac tour and then the very next night I went to the old bowling alley that also served as a venue, The Fireside Bowl to see Peaches. Her debut album 'The Teaches of Peaches' wasn't even out in the states yet. I ended up buying it directly from her. Well, good old Peaches has a new album coming out on May 5th in North America. Here's a track from 'I Feel Cream.'

Peaches 'More' (YSI)


Those crazy kids Blamma! Blamma! just sent this one over. I like the video a lot. FREAKING HILARIOUS! It was directed by this fellow named Christopher Hewitt at Bearfight Studios www.bearfightstudio.com. I also think it's one of the best tracks they've put out.

Old School: Diplo, Stereotyp, Test Icicles Remixes


Diplo first hit my radar back in 2004 when I bought his debut album 'Florida' on Big Dada. The album is not really the Diplo we all know today-but I still feel it's some of hit finest work.

Diplo 'Diplo Rhythm Feat. Sandra Melody, Vybz Cartel and Pantera Os Danadinhos' (320 kbps) (YSI)

Diplo 'Summer's Gonna Hurt You' (320 kbps) (YSI)


These two tracks come from the man known as Stereotyp. If you're into the Dubstep sounds these days, then this is for you. Flawless production and just damn hot songs. Here's two favorites from his album 'Keepin' Me' released on G-Stone back in 2006.

Stereotyp 'Keepin Me' (320 kbps) (YSI)

Stereotyp 'Big Flows' (320 kbps) (YSI)

Test Icicles

The band with perhaps the most cheeky name ever had some pretty great remixers take a stab at their low-fi scrunk music. Here's one from James Ford and one from Digitalism. These remixes came out on Domino back in 2006. I am pretty sure the band broke up, their MySpace hasn't been touched since mid-2008.

Test Icicles 'Circle.Square.Triangle (James Ford Extended Mix)' (320 kbps) (YSI)

Test Icicles 'What's Your Damage (Remixed by Digitalism)' (320 kbps) (YSI)


Have A Nice Life

'Deathconsciousness' is one of the more intriguing albums I have heard in a long time. It's laced with shoegazing noodlings, dark dirges, low-fi intentions and a lot of heart. There's a little Slowdive, a little Xiu Xiu, a little Grizzly Bear and perhaps even a bit of Jandek love. The band is called Have A Nice Life and these two guys are from Middletown, Connecticut.

I am simply loving this album. Maybe it's the waiting period for it to warm up but, I also know it's because these guys are recording some seriously beautiful and haunting music.

Have A Nice Life 'Bloodhail' (YSI)


Experimental Etc.

Earlier today I watched the documentary on Jandek. Now I must admit, that even after hundreds of trips to Reckless Records in Chicago and seeing the Jandek section I never gave a record a listen once. I love the idea of the myth of an artist being arguably better than the quality of their work. Today some might call the music of artists like Jandek, outsider art.
The documentary is really well crafted and if you're a music history geek like me I suggest you give it a viewing at some point. I personally have promised myself that I will only seek out Jandek's recordings on vinyl from Corwood Industries.
Jandek 'Real Wild' Live

Before he revealed himself to the world and actually started performing live he did this interview in 1985, this was the first time his voice was publicly heard on the subject of his music and mysterious label Corwood Industries. Worth the listen.

While I was doing some further research I found quite the interesting Blog called 'Experimental Etc.' The blog posts links to full length albums spanning all the musical reaches of experimentation from Wolf Eyes to Jandek to Death. The writer has some incredible taste and although I won't personally post links to full lengths ever on my blog I have no problem opening doors to those who do. Experimental Etc.
Let the experiment continue.

Even Further Friday

If you're in the New York area, come to the Red Hook Underground at Botanica for the re-launch of the Even Further monthly. This is sick...


Totally Michael

Here's the latest from the iheartcomix crew...



OUT NOW on iHeartcomix:

Futurecop! "The Unicorn & The Lost City Of Alvograth EP"
Designer Drugs "Zombies!/Back Up In This"
Totally Michael "S/T Full Length"
The Toxic Avenger "Superheroes 2007/Escape" 12"
Matt & Kim "S/T Full Length"
Protokoll "S/T EP"

Hazards of Love

Next week The Decemberists will release their newest album 'The Hazards of Love' on March 24th. I've been a fan of theirs for a while now and I had to give this album a few listens before I laid my thoughts down. The album is a veritable Rock Opera in it's design and proportions. They reprise songs and revisit themes throughout the album that make it fresh and timeless all at once. I caught them live a few years back during CMJ and I must also add that for a bunch of Pacific Northwest literary geek musicians they put on one kick ass show.

The Decemberists 'The Hazards of Love' (YSI)



I just got this over at the filthy inbox and it's heavy in just the way I like em'. Figure has got even more weight at his Myspace page. Check him out.

Figure 'Harm'(320 kbps) (YSI)



The newest joint from Coco Machete is a straight-up peek time killer! You may have caught it in my last mix tape 'Sordid Standards'. I still bump their first release on Coco Machete, 'That's A Good Look.' Check out the dope remixes by Fukkk Offf and Dog Tags too. Get ready for the drama.

SCNDL 'Drama (Original Mix)' (YSI)

SCNDL 'Drama (Fukkk Offf Mix)' (YSI)

SCNDL Myspace

Buy @ Beatport Here.

Particle Man!

I guess I've been as interested in the music of my teens as I've been about catching up with the latest these days. Although I do have a few new ones to share with you in the next few posts. The other day I rented 'Gigantic (A Tale Of Two Johns)' from the almighty Netflix. While I watched I was whisked back to some days I haven't thought of in a long while. This ones for you Pah-teeh Kas-tea-yo where ever you are.

This is from one of their biggest albums 'Flood.'

They Might Be Giants 'Particle Man' (YSI)


Rude & Reckless.

When I was in tenth grade there was one album that I listened to just about everyday. The album is called 'Redlight' and it was recorded by Brooklyn's own The Slackers. Over the years the line-up has changed but the one thing that has remained is the raspy vocals, rambling keys and lyrics of Vic Ruggiero. I was only caught in the feverish third wave of Ska for a few years but the first three albums by The Slackers remain as some of my all time favorite albums. In fact, my quote in my senior yearbook from High School is a line from their track 'Knowing' off of 'The Question.' 'Knowing is a two-edged sword/Of what you've learned and what's ignored/And wisdom is a liquor store/It tastes so sweet but just wait til' you wake up in the morning."

I made a new friend recently that reminded me just how much I miss the days of braces and skanking. I did a little research and found that Vic is still at it. Touring the world and releasing albums. The Slackers just released an album last year called 'Self Medication.' Here's a favorite from that album and one from each of their first three. 'You have to be rude and reckless!'

The Slackers 'Rude & Reckless' (Taken from 'Redlight') (YSI)

The Slackers 'Sarah' (Taken from 'Better Late Than Never') (YSI)

The Slackers 'Knowing' (Taken from 'The Question') (YSI)

The Slackers 'Stars' (Taken from 'Self Medication') (YSI)

So if you're in NYC on this rainy Monday, download these tracks, sit back, roll one up and let your ears sip some sweet Ska-soul from Vic and the crew.

Also, this just in from Soul Jazz Records::

Soul Jazz Records are releasing 100%Dynamite NYC – Dancehall Reggae meets Rap In New York City on Monday Mar 16, 2009. The album is available in all good record and internet stores from next week. You can buy it right here, now!

From Kool Herc onwards, Jamaicans who grew up in New York City have played pivotal roles in the development of the city’s musical identity. Hip-Hop, born in the Bronx, was always hot-wired to Jamaica and in the 1990s the two became inextricably joined when reggae met rap in New York City.

Dynamite NYC brings together the many artists who created this unique scene, linking together two of the world’s most important musical cultures – hip-hop and reggae.

In the early 1990s, Jamaican dancehall - including artists from this home-grown New York scene - became the subject of close scrutiny by the US major record industry who, having made vast profits from hip-hop, searched out Jamaican or Jamaican-descended artists who could potentially crossover into the vast US hip-hop market. Jamaican dancehall artists were signed to big US contracts (Yellowman, Supercat, Capleton, Shabba Ranks). And New York, previously a satellite town of Kingston for visiting Jamaican artists, but now with its own unique dancehall scene became a focal point as artists such as Shinehead, Red Foxx, Jamal-Ski, Mad Lion, and others were quickly signed up to major record companies.

100%Dynamite NYC features these and many other New York reggae/hip-hop crossover artists in this first album to feature the music from this scene.

BUY 100% Dynamite NYC ALBUM HERE.



The man who brought us the late night mind-melt 'Forza' at the end of 2008 has has his fourth full length coming out. Zombie Nation will release 'Zombielicious' March 9th. I got it a few days earlier. Here's a stand out track.

Zombie Nation 'Get It' (320 kbps) (YSI)

In other news, I'm going to see Watchmen. I bet you are too.


Joachim Spieth & Affin

Techno has been the new black since before that phrase came into existence. It is a genre that flourishes in the most dank cities and towns across the globe. Detroit and Berlin are it's two capitals but if you observe surrounding areas you're sure to find the echos of this machine music coming from seemingly abandoned buildings. That's where Joachim Spieth and his Affin imprint step in.

Joachim Spieth, has released records on Techno giants like Kompakt, Speicher and Paso Music. He started the Affin imprint a little over a year ago to release his own tracks and those of like-minded producers.

'Presence,' the new compilation from Affin, set for exclusive release on Beatport , March 6th, marks the past ten years of Joachim Spieth's productions since his debut EP release on Kompakt in 1999.

These tracks are brooding and melodic, mesmerizing and slick, the perfect soundtrack to finish off this last month of Winter.

Grizzly Bear

This past Saturday I went to a bar in Bushwick that I won't even name because the end of my experience there sucked. However, there were some highlights and the best one included meeting Chris from Grizzly Bear! Now I'm not the starstruck type of guy but, I do get really excited when I randomly meet a musician I love so much. Their debut album 'Yellow House' is a masterpiece. Their new album, 'Veckatimest' is even better.
Here's a YouTube clip of the band in a bathroom in Paris playing one of their songs:
Chris is the blond on the left...I have a little man-crush on him. He was really sweet and fun to talk with.

Here's my favorite track of the new album...
Grizzly Bear 'Two Weeks' (YSI)


This Snow is the reason why I haven't had a post in a few days. Time Warner 'We Control Your Soul' Cable says there were no reports in my area of loss of Internet. And they always want to blame my constant loss of Internet on something I'm doing too. So since there's all this blame-throwing going about I have decided to blame my loss of Internet on Snow times 2.

So yes, INFORMER! I also blame you for my Internet not working for three days. Be right back with a proper post with some new tunes I'm loving.