Phonica Records & Hector

After five years as London's top shop for dance and electronic music, Phonica is launching its first imprint with an original production from its very own Hector, alongside friend and collaborator Ben Bryant, backed with a remix from Appleblim & Al Tourettes.

Since opening, Phonica has grown to become more than a record
store, but like many of its kind including Gramaphone in Chicago and Halcyon in New York-Phonica has become an institution. Operating at the center of London's electronic music community, Phonica is a true tastemaker: committed both to nurturing homegrown talent and to seeking out the best new music from around the world, with the emphasis always on quality. One of the things that has helped Phonica stay so on-point is the expertise and intuition of its staff, many of whom are prominent DJs/producers themselves – one such is Hector Murillo, who last year released his debut 12", 'La Raza', for Dinky's Horizontal imprint.

It makes perfect sense to have Hector release the shops first 12"-'Tension'. A hypnotic, dubbed out techno cut that evolves and involves you for its nine minute duration. Here's a cut called 'Yeah C'mon' from the Hector release that follows the same vibe.

Hector 'Yeah C'mon' (YSI)

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