Favorite Sweet Voices: Phoenix & Junior Boys

Phoenix have been a favorite of mine for years now. I own 'United', 'Alphabetical' and 'It's Never Been Like That on Vinyl. I think 'United' is still one of the best debut albums to be released in the last 10 years too. I still wonder why they haven't broke into major American music culture but, in reality I spend very little time pondering popular American music culture. Well, the band are giving away the first single off their new album 'Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix' called '1901'. The album will be released worldwide on May 25th.
Phoenix '1901' (via RCRD LBL Link)

Another sweet voice I can't stay away from is Jeremy from Junior Boys, who also have a new album coming out called 'Begone Dull Care.' I've just listened to the album, and it's no surprise they don't disappoint.
Junior Boys 'Bits & Pieces' (YSI)
Junior Boys Myspace
I have a felling both of these albums are going to soundtrack my early Spring bike rides quite nicely.

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