Chasing Pavement

I really hold strong to the purpose of having a blog. I feel like there are many different ways to utilize them. I am choosing to be as open and available as possible. In a time when people all over the world can hide behind a guise via Online communication, I am making the choice to speak with an open heart- and I know how lame that may read to some.
I hadn't really followed the truly gifted Adele who, in case you live under a boulder, became the best new artist at the Grammy's.
She is going to make me smile today when I go chase some pavement up at Prospect Park.
Enjoy this one, she's popular for a reason, a good reason.
Download Adele 'Chasing Pavements' (YSI)
This woman has my new favorite voice at the moment.
Being honest will also mean not always posting the coolest most hip super rad remixes of the moment. I love too much music to do that.

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