A'rdcore! Jungle Steppers and More.

Some days, like today, after I've put my liver through some serious a'rdcore action, I am ready to let my ear drums feel the burn instead of other organs.
I was raised on Jungle and Drum N Bass as my earliest forms of straight-up rave music. I've watched the scene change over the years getting very dark, constantly inventing new sub-genres like Dubstep, 2-Step, Speed Garage and more.
Here's a couple of tracks that have ended up on the old laptop one way or another recently. Not all Drum N Bass or Jungle, but somehow carry that vibe I had back in the day when I bounced around as a part of a gathered circle, waiting my turn to MASH UP DI DANCE.

The Count Of Monte Cristal and Hervé 'Jungle Steppers' (YSI)

Picked this one up from The Curb Crawlers who are always on point::

A1 Bassline vs Kavs Rave 'Lucky Charms' (YSI)

And these two from Diplo from his recent trip to Carnival. I am dying for some warm weather.:

Machel Montano 'Won't Stop' (Mad Decent Link)

Destra 'Obsessive Winers F.Alison Hinds & Denise Belfon' (Mad Decent Link)

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