Lazer Bass, Turbo Crunk, Low End Tweakers for your speakers...

As new genre are dubbed by music journalists and bloggers on a regular basis, not to mention the fact that I am obsessed with the music I haven't heard yet- this new hype around the crunchy hip hop tech-funk called LAZER BASS has perked my ears mostly because of its seemingly DIY ethic. Acts like Megasoid and Lazer Sword are creating some of the dirtiest tracks around. If you're fan of Ghetto tech, old skool Tigerbeat 6 records or Prefuse 73 then I sugeest you read the article that the title of this post links to over at XLR8R.com. I always find it's best to let someone else say it if they said it first.

Here's a track from the two groups I mentioned:
Download Lazer Sword 'Gucci Sweater' Here. (YSI)
Download Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg 'Still Dre (Megasoid Remix)' Here. (YSI)



Polymorphic hit you guys hard last year with his dark and brooding remix of Proxy's 'Raven' released on Tiga's Turbo Recordings. This is his first release on Coco Machete. This track is made to bang heads in at the latest hours. Set for release soon. T-E-C-H-N-O MUUUUUUSIIIICCCC!


Even Further Podcast #1

Rudy M. Sixteen and me are now recording a new podcast each week. It will take us a minute to get up on iTunes and be all official. But, until then we have SoundCloud to work with.

ESG Live @ Le Poisson Rouge

Last night the ladies of Emerald, Sapphire and Gold- ESG from the Bronx for those that don't know, thumped and clacked to a packed house at the newish West Village spot Le Poisson Rouge. This was not my first time seeing the legends of No Wave play live. I actually caught them back in 2001 when they headlined the Ladyfest Midwest festival in Chicago. They did not disappoint either time.

What I enjoyed the most from seeing them last night is just how relevant they still are. Yes, their sound has always been simple and complex all at once. Yes, the screeching sounds on the original 'UFO' was hard to reproduce last night, and yet the propulsive rhythm still kept the track in that creeping funkenstein that exists on record. There is no argument though that new groups like New Young Pony Club and Watchers owe much of their sound to ESG.

Their career pattern is proof that the best music recorded does eventually get its recognition. The earliest singles released by the Scroggins sisters came out in 1981 on CT Records, 99 Records and eventually Factory. After a full length called 'Come Away With ESG' and handful of singles, ESG faded away along with their contemporaries like Liquid Liquid, Konk and A Certain Ratio.

The tiny sticks of ESG would not be silenced though. In the year 2000, Soul Jazz Records imprint Universal Sound released 'A South Bronx Story' which compiled the bands earliest recordings into a re-release package. Around the same time Soul Jazz along with many other labels started digging into the vaults releasing packages of other No Wave and Post Punk acts. ESG is by far the group of the bunch, along with James Chance perhaps, that are still playing out and if you're ESG- still recording new albums.

2002 saw the release of 'Step Off' and in 2006 'Keep On Moving' hit the racks, both released on Soul Jazz. If you've never listened to them before, I have to recommend you start with 'A South Bronx Story' and now there is a part two with rarities and B-sides. If you're not hooked after the first side of record one, and yes I suggest buying it on vinyl, I am not sure what to tell you.

Listen to UFO here:

Another favorite of mine, 'Dance':


A journey we are all a part of...

Tuesday felt like one of the most important days of my life. I finally felt, after 27 years, fully proud of who I am and where I come from. Like many free thinkers of my generation I have always experienced a disconnect between my adult ideals and the state of the country I am a part of. Proud to be an American, I was not.

Watching Brack Obama yesterday was really one of the best feelings I've ever had in relation to politics. As he walked down Pennsylvania Ave. with Michelle I could almost imagine I was not watching real life events but instead the final scene or first scene in an elaborate hero film.

Barack Obama made Superman seem like an outsider. Batman became a rich crazy dude that runs around with an oddly shaped mask. Spiderman became another great stride in graphics and animation. And Ironman didn't even get out of bed.

Barack Obama is, and this comes from the heart, the closest person I have ever seen in my lifetime that embodies the true essence of super hero. A figure who leads, saves and restores the goodwill of each and every person.

I look forward to the next four years. I look forward to leaping tall buildings with our new President.


Ah, 2009. Funk U 2.

While I was down in Miami for a nice long 12-day holiday break, I was booked to play Fridays at The Vagabond with my partner Rudy M. Sixteen. We played the in the big room an caused havoc for an hour set. We definitely pounded some heads in. That next Monday we went out to catch a variety night thrown at this spot called Dream. Like a cold mojito on the beach it was refreshing, mostly to see people gathered at something so unique for the scene I remember some eight years ago.

While we were there, Rudy ran into this girl Inbal, who he played a gig for like five years ago. Back when 'Peg' was Rudy's most peak time track. (I love you Rudy, you know that. I played 'Peg' on New Years remember?) So Inbal still throws parties except now she's on the 4 to the floor tip. Which of course works out great for us.

Her party is that Wednesday, also Christmas eve, buy hey, we get to play Dirtybird records in Miami. So it was totally worth it and then some. The gig was at Blue, a spot I've been trying to play for a while. The set ends up working out quite nicely. And we made three new friends as well which is always great. Inbal runs an apparel line called Funk U 2 with her sister, Betty and brother Sean- who also DJs. I like the designs a lot and these kids are keeping it real down in Miami. In fact Christian Martin had just played their party, Retox a few weeks earlier.

Hopefully we'll be back in Miami soon getting down with this rad crew. Check out their clothing line and most definitely check out any parties Inbal or Baby Sean are DJing at. You can almost guarantee that Betty will be on the dance floor with her night shades on. (;-) love ya Betty.)