Podcast Junky

Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to catch a track long before it hits the Blogs. I accept the truth that there is way too much music released each day and way more DJs that are more hooked up than me. I have always been a 'find it at the source' kind of guy so I turn to sites like Resident Advisor, Get The Curse and Lazpod to feed that hunger. The hunger can be a little overwhelming at times. Some days I just can't hear enough new music. Podcasts are pretty easy to maintain too-you can set your iPod to download only the most current edition every time you plug in. Many podcasts even have track listings embedded within the mix. Now I realize I am by no means dropping some sort of incredible knowledge here but I wanted to point out a few of my favorites and hopefully encourage more DJs out there to not just troll the blogs for tracks they can download but instead break out and find new gems that others have not. I myself have taken to digital DJing after a decade of playing vinyl. It's an incredible privilege to be a DJ right now, to have so much music available at your mouse clicking finger tips, but I must say it also creates a mediocrity in being a DJ as well. If every DJ is playing the same 30 tracks pulled from the Blogs or the Beatport TOP100, then where is the reason for going to see any particular DJ? I hope there is a future with a more positive outlook. I feel there is, or perhaps I pray there is.

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