The very first underground Techno and House records I bought were from Perlon. I picked them up because they came highly recommended from my old friend Matt Positive who worked for Reckless Records in Chicago. He bought almost all of their dance and electronic music. The first Perlon release I bought was their first label compilation called Superlongevity.

I now own a huge stack of Perlon records. Both the quality of the beats and the slick post-pop-art sleeve designs still make me smile. The tracks off the label can range from micro-house to digital-soul to sprawling techno journeys c/o artists like Villalobos. The label was originally founded in Frankfurt but is now based out of Berlin-no surprise there. The label is run by producers Zip and Markus Nikolai. They've released four in the compilation series and they do not release MP3s. You can pick up the wax and CDs here.

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