Oh Snap!!

When you work within the music industry these days, you end up with more music than you'll ever have time to listen to. I have tried to create little systems where I can monitor what I download-but somehow it always falls short and then I have to go through the entire computer deleting that which does not make my ears smile. Well, I am not sure how this single from Maryland based OH SNAP!! ended up on my computer. I can't remember being sent the tracks, but what I can say is this:: Every once in a while someone like Oh Snap!! comes along and flips the Hip-Pop concept in the most perfect way possible. 'My Name Is Chuck' brings to memory 'Bad Babysitter' by Princess Superstar and 'Bleeding Brain Grow' from MC Paul Barman which happens to have one of my favorite rhymes ever...'You make my karma puke! You who refuse to disarm a Nuke!'

It turns out you can grab the original of 'My Name Is Chuck' plus two dope remixes by Bass Weazal and DJ Technics over at the always on point Palms Out Sounds Blog.

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