Mom & Dad

If you've downloaded any of my DJ sets over the past year- except for the Modyfier Mix, you'd know that I am into Clunk Driven, Tweaked Out, Sonic Bangers. Here's a guy that was on my most recent mix 'Barack The Boat'. He produces under Mom & Dad which was labeled wrong when I got the MP3 so it says Mon & Dad. Sorry about that dude. He's a recent signing to Bryan Cox Crux Da House label which continues to put out massive tracks. The most recent promo I got from Crux kills and is also on my most recent mix, it the track featuring Chamillionaire. I suggest checking Mom & Dad out as well as the entire Crux crew.
Buy Crux Records @ Beatport

Here's a You Tube for the Crux track...

And also some Chamillionaire...I really want to know what I have to do to join the Chamillitary!!!

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