ADE 2008: Wrap Up



Low Life Inc. embarked on our first international trip last week to Amsterdam for the 2008 Amsterdam Dance Event. It's big, if not the biggest conference of it's type in Europe. Four days of meetings, seminars and club events spread across the charming city of Amsterdam.

The photo above is an indication of how seriously the Dutch take their bikes. Everyone bikes. Which made me very happy since I am such an avid cyclist here in Brooklyn.


Above is the exterior of the Felix Meritis where the heart of the seminars and meetings took place. This year there was no smoking allowed inside the building which made for an interesting challenge for traffic that passed the Felix.


We were lucky enough to only have bad weather one day, Friday.


Thursday night we went to see a local DJ. Sean's publisher introduced us to him. He gave me his new album. His DJ set was tight. I won't say his name yet because I might be mentioning him quite a bit soon. But the photo above is a decent enough hint.


This was the venue he played at. He opened with 'Shake It To The Ground (Claude Vonstroke Remix)' which is still one of my favorite remixes in the last year.


It also turns out that the Dutch want you to clean up your dog poop too.


The Dutch also prefer you not pee in the street and use one of these handy street urinals instead.


It also turns out that the residents of Amsterdam are hoping that HOPE is enough since they can't vote next week. Don't forget to vote fools! I don't care if you live in a BLUE state.


If you don't vote you could end up like these two pictured above.


And if you eat too many drugs the night before the election and don't vote you could end up looking like these two.


One of the brilliant stoned statements for the week was by Sean. He said we had to follow the zebra stripes.

I went to a club named Zebra on Friday night for the Cr2 party because the Resident Advisor party was sold out and I had three non-badge holders with me. It was dark and banging which was enough for me. Plus the girls split a pill which kind of added to the 'hey, I'm in Europe and people do what they want at clubs because nobody acts like an ASS.

One night at a coffee shop I almost got attacked by a cougar. She snarled at me a bit and then giggled. Luckily I was too focused on being high to really pick up on her prowl until after we left. I must advise you to watch out for cougars when you're in Amsterdam.

We walked through the red light district too, I was upset because not all the lights were red and it was daylight. Hookers during the day seems practical and bizarre all at the same time. Plus I figure why would you buy a hooker when Amsterdam offers this...


All in all the trip was fantastic and I was most certain when I found out they too have Star Wars fanatics.


Now it's time for some food. I wish it was my standard meal while I was away though.



Amsterdam Dance Event


I will be kicking it in Amsterdam for the next five days for ADE.
Check back in for updates and pics from the trip.


The Fingermonsters are coming for you...

The Fingermonsters (San Francisco).


The Fingermonsters consist of Andrew Phelan, Origami, Cubik, and Shawn Allen, four friends working together out of San Francisco's famed Moulton Studios complex.

Together as The Fingermonsters, the four produce a unique mix of big room tech house, breaks, minimal, and electro. Their live PA is a site to behold, with all four members freaking out together onstage on a variety of synths, drum machines, laptops, and general insanity.

Dope designs, dope tracks.
Check it out.
Download Selected Tracks from The Fingermonsters here.


Coming Soon from Monsta Music ::


Oleput Friday Oct. 17th!

I'm heading to Amsterdam for the Amsterdam Dance Event. But before I leave on my birthday, I am going to play some great music all on vinyl at Oleput. Come says hello if you're in the Queens area.


Windsurf Coastlines

Windsurf Myspace


Download 'Pocket Check' here.

Windsurf is about to release their debut full length on Prins Thomas/Word & Sound joint venture label Internasjonal on October 27th.

The album is filled with future classic cosmic disco shuffle and slo-mo make out lounge house.

You may know the two guys laying down these sultry beats from their previous work as Sorcerer and as Hatchback.

Enjoy the Fall chill and relax on the coastlines.



Buraka Som Sistema



I just got their new album, Black Diamond this morning and I must say it's exactly what I've been waiting to hear to spark some excitement in me again. This album is so diverse and unique. It draws from all my musical obsessions, Bass, dubstep, reggae, carioca, baile funk, fidget-it's simply dope!

The album drops tomorrow officially, I suggest you track it down.

Recommended if you like (RIYL): M.I.A., Skream, Diplo


Saturday morning...

Do you remember when life just seemed a bit easier? You'd wake up in the morning and mom would have some cereal ready for you so you could curl on to the couch and watch the adventures scattered throughout Saturday morning cartoons.

You stayed in your PJs all day. 

Now, I know some of us out there still do wear our PJs for most of any given Saturday. The biggest difference between now and then is we didn't used to sleep through the cartoons.

And we didn't have to carefully remove the arm of last nights lover from across our chest. Slip back into our pants, grab emergency sun glasses from our bag and take the walk of shame.

We also didn't need a cup of coffee, joint or line from across this strange persons bathroom counter to get us ready for that Brunch shift we have to work.
Transforming-more than meets the eye.


Attention Span

Last night I went out, which is rare for a Wednesday. I went out because Coco Machete artist Fukkk Offf is in NYC to bang it out, and bang it out he did. The crowd convulsed in the small area set aside for dancing. The lights flashed. A guy dressed in a mascot type bear outfit, large head and all was there (which at first made me think, how Michael Alig circa Limelight and why can't this generation come up with anything original?). But that was just my waking up at 7AM these days to get work done talking. You see, Fukkk Offf has a big hit out there right now in the Nu-Electro scene, it's called 'Rave Is King'. It all made sense, somehow it's caught on, I realized that this generation that's out on a Wednesday bobbing around to heavy electro for the entire night doesn't need to come up with a ton of original ideas because they are one, they are the amalgamation of the first 50 years of pop culture. This group of youth was not just raised with MTV and the Internet, they were raised on the first major death of the romantic period of Western Culture and that I must say is not their fault.

I should explain what I mean by romantic culture. Romantic culture to me does not necessarily have to predate the mega-mediator, The Internet, but it is most certainly stopped around the year 2000 or so. Which is interesting considering the whole Y2K problems many thought we would face. It turns out, for my impression at least, that the computers did not take over but instead the people decided they wanted to be so dependent on them that it might seem as though 'the computers are controlling us.' 

Now, to get to my point, this crowd of kids, not the cause of their behavior, have the shortest attention spans of any youth culture in the past 100 years. They interact with each other the same way they most likely surf the web. They are a culture that has become victim to the sound bite, You Tube clip, the blog, twitter, yelp and a million other forms of retaining information and experience in the shortest amount of time in history. 

Up until even four years ago, I would still make regular trips to music stores after reading a stack of music and culture magazines. I might enter the shop (or in my case shops) looking for particular releases, a list in hand even. But then I would get that extra touch that not many of that group prancing around the room last night may have ever experienced, I would talk to the kids that actually worked in the shop and find out what they were into.

Now you may want to point out that this generation 'talks amongst themselves' more than any has before, the difference is the amount of time any one person is willing to give a particular subject. I would love to see this generation survive this and for the next to take it down a notch. There are always sociological discussions about how one generation tends to echo the one two before them, I hope this is true. I hope the kids turning 18-21 in the next few years embrace some real focus in their purpose and desires.

I hope it becomes popular to go to coffee houses again and listen to psychedelic records all on vinyl or whatever the result takes place as a result of a new social focus. I may ramble here, but I have decided that the best way to use a sounding board, is to simply sound off. If this is the first time you've ever read my blog or heard of me, I am glad you found this. 

I plan to make this a real forum for my thoughts on where the hell all this over saturation is going to take us. I am listening to one of my favorite bands, TV on the Radio. It's midday and this is their debut full length, Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes. They may be one of the last truly romantic groups around, their music could almost have come from anytime in the last 100 years. The album is on vinyl, the only way I like to listen to this record. Time to put on record 2. We'll talk soon, promise.

Process 097: Jukebox of Death


I was recently asked to create a submission for what I feel is one of the most forward thinking blogs around. Modyfier Blog focuses on the process of each artists' submission and if I could explain it, the blog gives a pulse to electronic/dance music which at its purist form is a cold machine driven genre.

Please go check out my submission as well as the 96 other pieces. Process 097: Jukebox of Death