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TV On The Radio 'Dear Science' 

It's been quite a long while since I posted anything at all on this blog. Maybe it's because I spent most of my summer researching other blogs for my new company Low Life Inc. 

I got the new album from TV On The Radio as a promo recently and I must first address the elephant in the room; they have been my favorite band since I heard the 'Young Liars EP' back in 2003.

Now that I have that out of the way I can properly explain to you why exactly they are my favorite band. 'Dear Science' does most of the work for me in fact. 'Halfway Home' opens the album with an understated guitar line reminiscent of the muscular opener to '...Cookie Mountain,' 'Wolf Like Me.' The track then descends into their uncanny harmonies and poetic whispers, hand claps and tribal percussion. Where their sophomore full length opened with rage, this album is a letter to the listener. In the final minute of the track the verve picks up letting you know that this album is far from done with its sonic exploration and it's overall message.

'Crying' has some of the most soulful swagger of any TVOTR track to date and by the time they hit the bridge, my ears were tearing from happiness. I could continue to explain why each and every song on the album is ageless but, I would much rather tell you that as I have listened to each TVOTR album over the years I have felt as though I have grown with them too. I made them my band when I split with a lover who didn't understand them. That next week I was at Reckless Records in Chicago buying the 12" of their first EP.

I feel like their record titles say it best as they emerged young liars before they grew into desperate youth, blood thirsty babes. TVOTR then took their time before they made return to cookie mountain and once they finally chose to descend from that peak they wrote a letter to the future, dear science. TVOTR are among the last romantics reverberating for a generation that may not know what to fight for at any given moment but, a generation that knows somewhere down the line they should be ready for one. I recently read an article in Adbusters about how the 'hipster' is the death of western civilization, so I say to everyone out there, stay the course and follow your ears and your heart. We are all in the shadow of the family tree and if you've got lungs it's time to shout it out.


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