Top Albums of 2008 // Top Singles 2008

Top Albums of 2008

Let's keep this short and sweet. If you have not heard these albums I suggest you give them a listen. (The list appears in no particular order.)

Jamie Lidell 'Jim'

He has done no wrong for my ears since I first heard his croon on the Supercollider albums. I just get sad waiting for the next album to drop.

Buraka Som Sistema 'Black Diamond'

Kuduro from Portugal. Bass heavy beats and aggressive vocals.

Hercules And Love Affair 'Hercules And Love Affair'

What more can be said for this debut? Disco shuffle, classic house swagger and Antony.

TV On The Radio 'Dear Science'

Third album from the creators of sewer soul and spiritual nouveau.

The Airborne Toxic Event 'The Airborne Toxic Event'

Best thing to happen to indie rock since 'Funeral.'

Machines Don't Care 'Machines Don't Care'

A thunder-dome of the masters of Fidget, Bassline, Grime and all other bang your head in beats. Headed by Josh Herve the first album includes production and vocal work by Trevor Loveys, Sinden, Drop The Lime, Detboi, Toddla T, Fake Blood and Affie Yusef.

Don Diablo 'Life Is A Festival'

Still an import only from Amsterdam, this album is like Justin Timberlake, Calvin Harris and INXS in a blender- add a little Baltimore Club and throbbing electro and you might be close to the recipe. Ladies and Boyz get ready to swoon over this heart throb.

The Bug 'London Zoo'

The darkest pits of the London underground on one album. Check it.

Top Singles of 2008

A-Trak 'Say Whoa (Boys Noize Remix)

Alan Braxe 'Addicted'

Ame, Henrik Schwarz, Dixon 'Where We At'

Ane Brun 'Headphone Silence (Henrik Schwarz Remix - Dixon Edit)'

Barbara Morgenstern 'Come To Berlin (Rice Twins Mix)'

Bingo Pleayers 'Get Up (Diplo Remix)'

Buraka Som Sistema, Petty 'Yah! - The Count And Sinden Remix'

D' Secret Svc 'Tight Jeans (Fukkk Offf Remix)'

Dave P & Adam Sparkles 'Sunday Night in Glasgow (Twitch’s “I Watched My Bassbins In ’91 mix’)'

Debra Dolce 'Goodies (ZCs Dolce Remix)'

Don Diablo 'Life Is A Festival'

Fake Blood 'Mars'

Foamo 'Movin It Over Here'

Fukkk Offf 'Rave Is King (Original Mix)'

Fukkk Offf 'Rave Is King (Zodiac Cartel Remix)'

JakZ 'Got The Power'

Jesse Rose, Herve, Action Man 'Take It To The Club'

The Juan Maclean 'Happy House'

Kid Cudi 'Day N Night (Crookers Remix)'

Le Le 'Breakfast'

The Martin Brothers 'Dum'

Mightyfools 'Hey Babe'

Moby 'I Love To Move In Here (Style Of Eye Piano Remix)'

Mom And Dad 'Sex Machine'

New Kidz, South Rakkas Crew 'Mad Again (Boy 8-bit Remix)'

The Presets 'This Boy's In Love (Jori Hulkkonen Remix)'

Proxy 'Raven'

Puzique 'Don't Go'

Style of Eye 'The Big Kazoo - Techno Dub'

Zombie Nation 'Forza'

24skorpionz feat. Chamillionaire 'We Some Playerz (Bryan Cox Remix)'


The Airborne Toxic Event

I know that I am by no means the first person to write about this amazing band from L.A. and their home recorded self titled debut album, however The Airborne Toxic Event have brought out the hidden poisons of romantic past. I was given the album by my best friends Aunt in Pennsylvania this past Thanksgiving weekend. Her and I have shared music before, last year when I was also at her farm for Thanksgiving. I hope I can continue this journey for many years ahead. I copied the album to my laptop along with a large stack of others. It took me until yesterday to listen to it.
I haven't had such a visceral response to an album since I first heard Funeral. The first time I heard the Arcade Fire debut I listened to it at least thirty times in that week. I've only listened to this album somewhere near ten, but yesterday was the first time I put it on.

This album is filled with fear and heartbreak and those places in your soul that you want to ignore.
My appetite towards the album helped me discover the story behind Mikel Jollett, the lead singer and lyricist. It turns out that Mikel was diagnosed with a genetic over-active immune system which could cut 20 years from his life. The next day his mother called to tell him she was diagnosed with cancer. The day after that he separated from his long term girl friend. The day after that he quit his job and set to write a great American novel.
After toiling over this book that would never be, he picked up a guitar and started to write songs. Hundreds of tracks poured out from his brittle heart and mind. In an article from NME he said “All I did was make music. The feeling wasn’t that I had so much more to say but that I had so much less time to say it.”
The debut full length from The Airborne Toxic Event is a triumph of human tenacity. The album is a testament that even in the state of the world the most challenged and broken individuals can add a dose of beauty. Mikel has helped me remember that as much as patience can help you succeed, there is still 'no day but today.'
I know I am not their first fan or their last. I was sad I had not heard them sooner because they played in New York tonight. I can say I am grateful for now being a fan. If you haven't heard or seen the video before for 'Sometime Around Midnight' I suggest you give it a view.

The Airborne Toxic Event MySpace

Rave Is King Remixes

You heard this remix first from me a few weeks ago in my 'Barack The Boat' Mix. Well now all of you can get your dirty little fidgety hands on it. Also check out the remix from Midfield General and NROTB, also both favorites of mine. The entire EP is available at Beatport on Coco Machete now so go grab em.'


My Synthesizer Won't Behave

Download Original Edit Here.
Everyone from Satoshi Tomiie to M.A.N.D.Y. are dropping this joint right now! Get with it. The Fingermonsters are making some serious noise boys!
Check out Monsta Music and more: Here.


Anthony Goicolea

Anthony Goicolea (born 1971) is a New York-based fine art photographer, born in Atlanta, Georgia.
Goicolea's photographs frequently deal with issues of androgyny, homosexuality, and child sexuality. Goicolea, Cuban-American and gay, was educated at the University of Georgia and studied painting, photography, and sculpture at that institution. He holds an MFA in fine arts from the Pratt Institute. He made his debut in 1999, and now shows work with Postmasters gallery in New York and Aurel Scheibler in Berlin, Germany.
In 2005, he received the BMW-Award for Photography.

Some of his work features photographs of "pre- to barely pubescent boys" (Art in America, Dec, 2001) in elaborately staged tableau settings, commonly showing multiple boys wearing traditional private school uniforms either engaged in school-life or recreation after school — but with often transgressive and erotic twists in their activities. Of great interest in these compositions is the fact that Goicolea himself portrays all of the boys in his photographs through the astute use of costumes, wigs, make-up, and post-production editing via the software Adobe Photoshop; "always looking uncannily like a boy on the edge of puberty" (The Advocate, August 14, 2001).

Therefore, despite having numerous figures in them, Goicolea's photographs are actually very complex large-scale self-portraits, and are always done in a flawlessly realist manner.
The pioneering fine-art photographer Cindy Sherman is an apparent influence on Goicolea's work, given her own extensive use of self-portraits and emphasis on sexually-charged narrative topics. Sherman and Goicolea have also had several joint exhibitions. His work can been strongly compared to similar manipulated and/or staged art photography featuring children and adolescents, such as that of Bernard Faucon, Loretta Lux, and Justine Kurland.
Recently, Goicolea has also been producing and exhibiting his drawings, which follow much of the same subject matter as his photographs. He has also published several books.
Anthony Goicolea



I'm taking the week off to ride some horses and listen to folk music. May you all be surrounded by all that you are thankful for.


White Bicycles

I know this blog may seem as though I am a total Club Music head, but I am determined to make this blog a true testament to my musical tastes and nature as a guy who really likes to dig in when it comes to my favorite thing in the world.
Tonight I went to Joe's Pub here in New York for a night of Witchseason. If, at this point, you don't know what I'm talking about then I suggest you read the book that this entry is titled after. White Bicycles is the autobiography of music legend Joe Boyd. He is an American record producer who may be one of the main reasons any kid out there born after 1975 has a copy of a Nick Drake album stacked among Sonic Youth and Elliott Smith albums.

Without boring you with a major regurgitation of Mr. Boyd's Wikipedia entry, although I do find it handy for a quick lesson in a subject every now and again. All I will say is this: If you are at all interested in the story of a man who made a single choice to follow music in whatever path it took him, read White Bicycles. If you have an interest in learning how the underground folk scene emerged, read White Bicycles. If you have ever listened to a Nick Drake album...you got the idea. In a total side note, Jenni Muldaur, Joe's Goddaughter performed tonight and I have a huge crush on her.

Joe Boyd Official Website
Joe Boyd Wikipedia


Rekids In Tha Crate

I've had a little contact with James Masters recently, who owns Rekids along with Matt "Radio Slave" Edwards. I read about this compilation coming out next year and wanted to pass the treat along.

Rekids are set to release a 3xCD compilation of some of their choice cuts, entitled Rekids Revolution.

The first disc gives you some of the label's best original tracks, including the charging garage-techno of Mr. G's "U Askin?" and Radio Slave's "Bell Clap Dance." Fans of the imprint will be happy to know that there are some exclusives, such as a new track from Spencer Parker and remixes on the second disc by both Cristian Vogel and Boola. Vinyl enthusiasts need not worry—all three of these (plus a Tedd Patterson remix of Runaway's "Brooklyn Club Jam") will be released as a double 12-inch at around the same time.

Spencer Parker also provides an exclusive mix of the label's output on disc three. Whilst being heavy on the inclusion of Radio Slave tracks, there's an exclusive remix by D'Julz on there as well as efforts from Veinte Tres and Matt O'Brien amongst others.

CD1 – Unmixed
01. Radio Slave – Bell Clap Dance
02. Kenny Hawkes & David Parr – Gemini
03. Mr. G – U Askin'
04. Runaway – Brooklyn Club Jam
05. Spencer Parker – Improvised Minotaur
06. Veinte Tres – Serpiente Cosmica (Revolution edit)
07. Spencer Parker – YOGOTO [exclusive]
08. Luke Solomon – Martin, A Cello & Me
09. Toby Tobias – Breakdown (Revolution version)

CD2 – Unmixed
01. Radio Slave – Bell Clap Dance (Slam Paragraph remix)
02. Luke Solomon – Space Invaders (Andomat 3000 remix)
03. Mr. G – U Askin' (Marcel Dettmann remix)
04. Jjak Hogan – Devo (Cristian Vogel's PMP Engine Remix)
05. Radio Slave featuring Danton Eeprom – Grindhouse (Dubfire Terror
Planet remix)
06. Luke Solomon – Spirits (Prins Thomas Disko-Tek Miks)
07. Radio Slave – Screaming Hands (WINK interpretation)
08. Radio Slave – Tantakatan (Boola remix)
09. Toby Tobias – The Feeling (I:Cube remix)

CD3 – Mixed by Spencer Parker
01. Radio Slave – Tantakatan
02. Radio Slave featuring Danton Eeprom – Grindhouse (accapella)
03. Veinte Tres – Serpiente Cosmica
04. Spencer Parker – Romantic (D'Julz remix)
05. Radio Slave – Bell Clap Dance
06. Matt O'Brien – Serotone (version)
07. Spencer Parker – YOGOTO
08. Radio Slave – Secret Base
09. Radio Slave featuring Danton Eeprom – Grindhouse (Dubfire Terror
Planet remix)
10. Radio Slave – My Bleep
11. Radio Slave – My Bleep (Roman Flugel remix)
12. Toby Tobias – The Feeling (I:Cube remix)

Vinyl Sampler double pack
A. Runaway – Brooklyn Club Jam (Tedd Patterson's 2.6.8#2 remix)
B. Radio Slave – Tantakatan (Boola remix)
C. Spencer Parker - YOGOTO
D. Jjak Hogan – Devo (Cristian Vogel's PMP Engine Remix)

Rekids will release Rekids Revolution in early 2009.



The very first underground Techno and House records I bought were from Perlon. I picked them up because they came highly recommended from my old friend Matt Positive who worked for Reckless Records in Chicago. He bought almost all of their dance and electronic music. The first Perlon release I bought was their first label compilation called Superlongevity.

I now own a huge stack of Perlon records. Both the quality of the beats and the slick post-pop-art sleeve designs still make me smile. The tracks off the label can range from micro-house to digital-soul to sprawling techno journeys c/o artists like Villalobos. The label was originally founded in Frankfurt but is now based out of Berlin-no surprise there. The label is run by producers Zip and Markus Nikolai. They've released four in the compilation series and they do not release MP3s. You can pick up the wax and CDs here.

Podcast Junky

Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to catch a track long before it hits the Blogs. I accept the truth that there is way too much music released each day and way more DJs that are more hooked up than me. I have always been a 'find it at the source' kind of guy so I turn to sites like Resident Advisor, Get The Curse and Lazpod to feed that hunger. The hunger can be a little overwhelming at times. Some days I just can't hear enough new music. Podcasts are pretty easy to maintain too-you can set your iPod to download only the most current edition every time you plug in. Many podcasts even have track listings embedded within the mix. Now I realize I am by no means dropping some sort of incredible knowledge here but I wanted to point out a few of my favorites and hopefully encourage more DJs out there to not just troll the blogs for tracks they can download but instead break out and find new gems that others have not. I myself have taken to digital DJing after a decade of playing vinyl. It's an incredible privilege to be a DJ right now, to have so much music available at your mouse clicking finger tips, but I must say it also creates a mediocrity in being a DJ as well. If every DJ is playing the same 30 tracks pulled from the Blogs or the Beatport TOP100, then where is the reason for going to see any particular DJ? I hope there is a future with a more positive outlook. I feel there is, or perhaps I pray there is.



This track has been out for a minute now but I still have to give it the BIG UPS for it's delicate throb that builds to a fist in the air craze. From the guy who brought you the anthem most cheer along to while at sporting events-this one KILLS!

Also, don't miss the huge REMIX of FORZA by my man FUKKK OFFF.
Bet you never knew this was an underground tehc-house guy::




Minimal Booty Bass

I grew up listening to Miami Bass and Freestyle Electro. It's second nature for me to love the rumble of a subwoofer. Although, the 'Miami Bass' scene peeked back when I was a teenager so now I look elsewhere for the beats I love so dearly. For those not in the know with the term, allow the almighty Wikipedia to help you. "The term booty bass can refer to several different, loosely related genres of music.
Miami bass - largely based in Miami and elsewhere in Florida. It is essentially the second form of Hip-Hop to come into existence, but wasn't known by the media until the 1990's, when the music had become stigmatised by explicit lyrics; includes performers like 2 Live Crew
Ghettotech - largely based in Detroit, Michigan, considered a fusion of Miami bass with new school Detroit Electro, despite it not resembling either. The tempos are far faster than either genre, and it maintains the repetitive nature of modern post-rave global electronic dance music.
Ghetto house - largely refers to later period Dance Mania Records recording artists. This is a brand of new school House music performers who loop often X-rated lyrics over House beats.
Baltimore Club - Also known as Baltimore Breaks, this genre is popular mostly in Maryland, and the music genre Ghetto house borrows many elements from it, with the exception of being based on House music instead of breakbeats."

Here's 2 tracks that I would consider modern or minimal booty bass (as a side note, Dirty Bird promised a compilation called 'Hyphy House' about a year ago, I have not seen the compilation surface, it was slated as 'minimal booty bass'::



And of course here's a few favorites from across the Bass genre::





Oh Snap!!

When you work within the music industry these days, you end up with more music than you'll ever have time to listen to. I have tried to create little systems where I can monitor what I download-but somehow it always falls short and then I have to go through the entire computer deleting that which does not make my ears smile. Well, I am not sure how this single from Maryland based OH SNAP!! ended up on my computer. I can't remember being sent the tracks, but what I can say is this:: Every once in a while someone like Oh Snap!! comes along and flips the Hip-Pop concept in the most perfect way possible. 'My Name Is Chuck' brings to memory 'Bad Babysitter' by Princess Superstar and 'Bleeding Brain Grow' from MC Paul Barman which happens to have one of my favorite rhymes ever...'You make my karma puke! You who refuse to disarm a Nuke!'

It turns out you can grab the original of 'My Name Is Chuck' plus two dope remixes by Bass Weazal and DJ Technics over at the always on point Palms Out Sounds Blog.


Mom & Dad

If you've downloaded any of my DJ sets over the past year- except for the Modyfier Mix, you'd know that I am into Clunk Driven, Tweaked Out, Sonic Bangers. Here's a guy that was on my most recent mix 'Barack The Boat'. He produces under Mom & Dad which was labeled wrong when I got the MP3 so it says Mon & Dad. Sorry about that dude. He's a recent signing to Bryan Cox Crux Da House label which continues to put out massive tracks. The most recent promo I got from Crux kills and is also on my most recent mix, it the track featuring Chamillionaire. I suggest checking Mom & Dad out as well as the entire Crux crew.
Buy Crux Records @ Beatport

Here's a You Tube for the Crux track...

And also some Chamillionaire...I really want to know what I have to do to join the Chamillitary!!!

The religious material...

Tom Waits is by far one of my favorite solo musicians. Here's him doing one of his classics...

Recently, this video popped up on the web of Blaqstarr and M.I.A. covering the track, I must admit, a pretty minimal and solid cover.


Solid Bump


Dope Disco-Hop & Crunk-House from San Francisco! White Girl Lust and DreDay rip the m-fing club up!

Check out their podcast for XLR8R here.
01 First Choice "Love Thing (White Girl Lust Edit)" (Salsoul)
02 P-Funk All Stars "Hydraulic Pump (White Girl Lust Edit)" (CBS)
03 Snax "Get Live, Snax" (Def Drive)
04 Gary Davis "The Professor's Here (40 Thieves Remix)" (Smash Hit Music)
05 In Flagranti "Business Acumen" (Kitsune)
06 Sharkslayer "I'll Be Around (White Girl Lust Remix)" (Top Billin’)
07 Yacht "Summer Song" (DFA)
08 White Girl Lust "Light Went Out (Demo)" (Solid Bump)
09 Friend "Secret" (Unreleased)
10 White Girl Lust "Come On My Love (Krames Remix)" (Solid Bump)
11 DreDay "Chat Noir" (Solid Bump)
12 Bassic Instinct "ThunderCats" (Unreleased)
13 The Deele "Body Talk (White Girl Lust Remix)" (Unreleased)
14 Lidell Townsell "Nu Nu (Ben Tactic Preacher Edit)" (Mercury)
15 DJ Anonymous "U Fine" (Top Billin’)
16 King Tutt "Evolution" (Unruly)
17 Wallpaper "Everytime (DreDay Remix)" (Unreleased)
18 DreDay "Hey Boy" (Solid Bump)


ADE 2008: Wrap Up



Low Life Inc. embarked on our first international trip last week to Amsterdam for the 2008 Amsterdam Dance Event. It's big, if not the biggest conference of it's type in Europe. Four days of meetings, seminars and club events spread across the charming city of Amsterdam.

The photo above is an indication of how seriously the Dutch take their bikes. Everyone bikes. Which made me very happy since I am such an avid cyclist here in Brooklyn.


Above is the exterior of the Felix Meritis where the heart of the seminars and meetings took place. This year there was no smoking allowed inside the building which made for an interesting challenge for traffic that passed the Felix.


We were lucky enough to only have bad weather one day, Friday.


Thursday night we went to see a local DJ. Sean's publisher introduced us to him. He gave me his new album. His DJ set was tight. I won't say his name yet because I might be mentioning him quite a bit soon. But the photo above is a decent enough hint.


This was the venue he played at. He opened with 'Shake It To The Ground (Claude Vonstroke Remix)' which is still one of my favorite remixes in the last year.


It also turns out that the Dutch want you to clean up your dog poop too.


The Dutch also prefer you not pee in the street and use one of these handy street urinals instead.


It also turns out that the residents of Amsterdam are hoping that HOPE is enough since they can't vote next week. Don't forget to vote fools! I don't care if you live in a BLUE state.


If you don't vote you could end up like these two pictured above.


And if you eat too many drugs the night before the election and don't vote you could end up looking like these two.


One of the brilliant stoned statements for the week was by Sean. He said we had to follow the zebra stripes.

I went to a club named Zebra on Friday night for the Cr2 party because the Resident Advisor party was sold out and I had three non-badge holders with me. It was dark and banging which was enough for me. Plus the girls split a pill which kind of added to the 'hey, I'm in Europe and people do what they want at clubs because nobody acts like an ASS.

One night at a coffee shop I almost got attacked by a cougar. She snarled at me a bit and then giggled. Luckily I was too focused on being high to really pick up on her prowl until after we left. I must advise you to watch out for cougars when you're in Amsterdam.

We walked through the red light district too, I was upset because not all the lights were red and it was daylight. Hookers during the day seems practical and bizarre all at the same time. Plus I figure why would you buy a hooker when Amsterdam offers this...


All in all the trip was fantastic and I was most certain when I found out they too have Star Wars fanatics.


Now it's time for some food. I wish it was my standard meal while I was away though.