God Don't Make No Junk!

So yesterday I watched The Devil And Daniel Johnston for the first time and it reminded me of something...
It reminded me that I have lost sight of what really matters to me. I have perhaps lost my DIY ethic I used to pride myself with so much.
I still carry my K Records wallet everyday for the past eight years. I still read zines, wear one inch pins, and my old indie t-shirts.
But in this age of file sharing I can't seem to grab hold of the desperate search for a particular 7 inch I am dying to own :

For example :

The Halo Benders 'Canned Oxygen' 7" (1994, Atlas Records)

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I found this 7" at Reckless Records in Chicago. I yelped. Totally yelped. It was nearly embarrassing, but the joy of finding a record that was out of print that I had been searching for sparked all the endorphins that you rarely get from downloading an MP3.
I have decided rather than take part in the mass popularity of MP3 blogs that post the newest 'BLOG HOUSE.' I will review and catalogue records, publications and events that influenced me over the years and have shaped who I am today. Consider this a step in the direction of true indie; back when you couldn't download the album but instead had to mail order it.
So at the risk of being another unheard voice on the mega-mediator I say screw it, I need to be a part of this, because this is what it has come to.

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